Sherman's Food Adventures: The Foundation

The Foundation

Honestly.  How hard is it to convince people to eat with me?  Well not that hard, but in the case of The Foundation...  let's just say it's a tougher sell than a Snugli.  Many-a-time I would suggest the wonderful vegan eats available to us to no avail.  In fact, Bear went on a rant about the place and threatened to not eat-at-all. Fine.  I gave up, never to mention the place again in their presence.  Alas, I had a taker.  Choobee wanted to go for lunch and I sheepishly suggested the place.  She agreed, but then proceeded to do her best Miss Y impersonation and showed up 45 minutes late.

We decided to share 3 dishes beginning with the Foundation Burger. Constructed with tofu, veggies, flax and oats, the burger patty was moist and decently tasty.  The texture was a bit soft, yet combined with the fresh tomatoes and soft bun, we didn't mind it at all.  It didn't make me miss a beef burger, but I wasn't turned off either.  We had the Maple Bean Chili next and it lived up to its namesake.  The tomatoes, corn and maple combined to made it a sweet mix of stuff rather than a chili.  We liked the chunky textures and the crunchy tortilla chips, but in the end found it too sweet for our liking.

Lastly, we had the Molten Tofu consisting of broccoli and tofu tossed in a slightly spicy bean gravy.  This was alright with medium firm tofu in a mildly flavoured sauce.  It has a touch of spice and some nuttiness from the sesame seeds.  The broccoli was crunchy while the leafy greens added some brightness.  I found the rice to be really dry though.  In the end, the food was acceptable given the limitations.  Being a meatatarian myself, this would not be my first choice, but for those who aren't, it works.

The Good:
- Decent portions
- Reasonable prices

The Bad:
- Flavours were okay, but could've been more strong
- Service was friendly enough, but wasn't exactly attentive either

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Jade said...

I believe The Foundation ismost well known for it's phenomenal nachos. You may want to give them a go sometime when you've got the munchies.

Sherman Chan said...

@Jade Yah, heard about that. Didn't see it on the lunch menu though. I guess I could've still ordered it right?

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