Sherman's Food Adventures: Waffle House

Waffle House

Not too long ago, I was addicted to Showtime's Dead Like Me. It was a show about a girl named Georgia Lass who was mortally wounded by a falling toilet seat from the orbiting Mir spacecraft. I know, what a way to bite the bullet. So Georgia goes around as a grim reaper taking souls just before they died. Sadly the show only lasted 2 seasons. I do have it on DVD, so I guess I can keep watching it. They did have a reunion show of sorts a few years ago; but it just wasn't the same. There were 4 grim reapers who regularly met at Der Waffle Haus with Rube, who was the leader of sorts. For that very reason, I have always looked at the Waffle House in New West with fond memories of Dead Like Me. Of course, the place has no resemblance to the restaurant in the show other than name only. But hey, just let me do the nostalgia thing...

I brought along some people to see if the place lived up to its name today and no, there were no reapers among us. But there were eaters! So with a place like the Waffle House, you think everyone would have waffles right? Wrong! There's no diversity with that. So we gave the other "syrup is your best friend" items as well starting with the French Toast with bacon. Well, the French toast was not bad. It had a decent amount of egg and was soft. It came with 2 strips of crispy bacon that was probably fried a bit too long. For myself, I had the Pancake Breakfast which included 2 meats, hashbrowns, and 2 eggs. The pancakes were alright. Not exactly fluffy; but not hard or chewy either. Definitely acceptable. I asked for the eggs to be over-easy and they were perfectly prepared. The sausages were sausages, at least they were cooked properly. I wasn't a huge fan of the cubed hashbrowns. They were a bit hard and not that crispy.

For some inexplicable reason, Shorty went for the Chicken Strips and Fries. It was served with garlic toast and coleslaw. Well, these were properly prepared Sysco products. The coleslaw was actually not bad being crunchy and dressed with just enough tangy mayo. Finally, we have a Waffle! It was a relatively thin waffle that was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Not a bad waffle, just nothing really special about it. Thus, I will talk about the Berry Waffle instead since it was more interesting. With an obscene amount of whipped cream, this only made the waffle mushy. The use of frozen strawberries did not help the cause. The moisture penetrated the waffle all the way through and essentially made it inedible. Decent waffle, poor execution of toppings. The food in general was pretty average at best. However, it wasn't terrible. In fact, it does do the job if one was looking for breakfast and wanted to avoid the chain restaurants. So if your expectations are not too high...

The Good:
- Friendly staff
- Okay pricing I suppose
- The waffles ain't bad, the toppings could be better

The Bad:
- The place is stuck in a time warp from the 80's
- Waffles are okay; but for a place that is named as such...

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Ginseng said...

I loved that show too! I think it was filmed in the Lower Mainland.

Personally, I've never been a big fan of waffles. The waffling gets in the way of spreading butter & jam. I prefer a pancake.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, Sherman! Should of told me you were slumming it there. I could of stood on my balcony and watched the whole sordid affair. I know, too creepy. Lived here a long time. Never ventured across the street for brekkie. Too many oldsters.

If ya wanna grab some brunch around here, we should check out Coming Home Cafe...about a block from the Waffle House. Give me a holler!

Sherman Chan said...

@Ginseng Yup, I started watching it becuz it was filmed here! I like pancakes more too!

@Karl We must eat together again. It's just too much fun shooting the breeze!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sherman! I'm heading down Mexico way for a major street food binge next week. As soon as I'm back, right after the Canucks win the Cup, I'm gonna try and get together a gang for a feast at New Age. Keep your calendar open for June 19th!

Sherman Chan said...

@Karl Can't wait to eat!

Anonymous said...

There aren't too many places in Vancouver that feature waffles, so I finally made the trip to New West. Keeping your experience in mind, I kept my expectations low and decided if they tasted better than Eggos, I was doing well,

My low expectations helped my to have an enjoyable experience. I think having the strawberries and whipped cream on the side helped to keep the waffle at its crispiest. Also, adding a side of double smoked bacon provided the sweet salty taste that I like.

They didn't have belgium waffles, but that craving will be satisfied at the christmas market today.

Sherman Chan said...

@Holly You are right about the lack of waffle joints in town. Yes, on the side would definitely help since the waffle is so thin!

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