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About Me

Who am I?  Well, nothing more than a guy that loves food.  I love playing hockey and softball.  Often, my teammates become guinea pigs on my food adventures.  I’m not a professional food critic; but I do know food.  From an early age, I have been exposed to many different cuisines by my parents.  This probably led to my love for dining out.  I am game to eat almost anything – from dives to fine dining.  I take pictures and I blog about my meals, specifically in the great city of Vancouver, B.C. (but not exclusively).  I give my honest opinion, no exceptions.  Sure, I try to be nice and fair; but in the end, if there is something to be said, it will be said.  Of course my opinion will not always be the same as yours and neither should it be.  Food is a very personal thing and I can’t tell you what you like, just as much as you can’t tell me either.  Yes, some of my comments are not restaurant-friendly.  They will not be clamouring to repost my comments.  I’m not in it to get free food, free stuff or attend ritzy grand openings.  I do this because I’m passionate about food.  Of course, I often receive invitations to restaurants and events.  I do selectively attend these with an objective point-of-view.  There will always be something good and something bad.  Nothing is perfect.  As much as I dine out, I also love to cook.  I’ve considered posting recipes and pictures of my cooking adventures; but I want to keep this a focused blog.  Someday I might consider doing a cooking blog. For now, I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy doing it.

I encourage feedback since it is nice to hear different and similar views about a restaurant.  However, there are some rules.  If a comment falls within the following criteria, it will be deleted:
  1. Crude or inappropriate language
  2. Name-calling or other rude remarks
  3. Any form of spam or promotions
  4. Saying that “(insert cuisine) food is always better in (insert country) than here”.  That serves no use or relevance to a Vancouver-based blog.  I blog about restaurants locally. 
  5. Saying that “The food is free, don’t complain about it”.  If that were true, then why even blog at all?  If food is bad, it is bad, whether it is free or not.  Besides, there is no credibility if we smile and nod our heads at all free food.
  6. Saying that “This restaurant is not fine-dining, don’t be so harsh”.  Whether it be fine-dining or not, if the food stinks, then it stinks.  A crappy $3.00 cheeseburger will be called a crappy $3.00 cheeseburger.
  7. Finally, and most importantly, I make mistakes much like everyone else.  If you have a criticism or comment regarding that, email me directly at  Trying to post a comment under the guise of "anonymous" or some fictitious name will immediately be deleted.  There is no point in posting negative comments for the purposes of starting an argument.

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