Sherman's Food Adventures: Jellie-D's


*Now Gordy's*

A while back, I had visited Jellie-D's and came away thoroughly unimpressed with their donuts. They were stale and very unappetizing. Even trying to hawk them off to my kids didn't work. Apparently, the place had just been bought out by people who were not exactly donut experts. Hence, I merely wrote it off never to return. Every day as I drove past it, I couldn't help being attracted to the signage. Yup, that was the reason I tried it in the first place. I'm a sucker for cool signage! Then one day, it appeared Jellie-D's changed ownership once more. This was confirmed by Mijune since she had went there for breakfast. I asked her about the donuts and she remarked that they were getting out of the donut-making business. Uh... Jellie-D's without donuts? Wouldn't that be akin to a PF Chang's without Chinese food? Wait, scratch that...

That certainly piqued my interest and considering they were advertising a complete breakfast for $3.00, I was game to return. I wasn't expecting much, but to my surprise, the breakfast was carefully prepared and quite filling. The proprietors were really friendly and did not seem the least bit concerned that I was only dropping the equivalent of spare change for a sit-down meal. I had the Sausage and Eggs with hashbrowns and toast which was more than respectable. Hey, some other breakfast joints charging way more couldn't do better than this. The sunny side eggs were perfect, the sausages were not overly fatty while the toast was nicely browned. I wasn't a huge fan of the hashbrowns, but hey, it's $3.00 we're talking about here! We also had the Bacon and Eggs which were also prepared properly. As you can see, the bacon was meaty and crisp while the over-easy egg was done right without any breakage.

Okay, this visit really made me curious about their $5.50 Burger Meal as well. Much like the one offered at Burger Burger, it includes a burger, fries and pop. For those keeping track, that is about the same price (and sometimes less) than a McD's meal. Again, I was not expecting much, yet was pleasantly surprised to find a homemade hamburger patty cooked with a nice crusty sear while being completely moist on the inside. It was a touch salty, but had the sweetness of onions to balance it out. While I was expecting a standard sesame bun, it actually turned out to be a toasted roll which was soft and went well with the meat, crisp lettuce, tomato and thousand island dressing. This was a solid burger for the price. As for the fries, they were actually fresh cut. Too bad they were limp and oil-logged. Whatever the case, I ain't gonna complain much. The place doesn't sell donuts anymore, but what they do have is cheap food which is actually pretty decent.

The Good:
- Very cheap
- Food is better than one would think
- Owners are really friendly

The Bad:
- They need to change the name, it confuses people

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