Sherman's Food Adventures: Family Gourmet Deli (Royal Centre)

Family Gourmet Deli (Royal Centre)

Lineups.  Yes, you know that thing you stand around waiting for something?  Like at the passport office, grocery store, border crossing and on boxing day...  Well, there must be a reason why we aimlessly loiter for who knows how long.  A sale? Something good?  The toilet at Rogers Arena (well, maybe for the ladies...  sorry ladies...).  Well, that was something I was trying to wrap my brain around when I spotted a large lineup at Family Gourmet Deli at Royal Centre (actually Snake suggested I go try it too).  I asked myself, "self, why are these people lining up like lemmings for sandwiches?".  Were they magical sandwiches?  No, they looked like regular sandwiches with meat, cheese and veggies.

Okay, well being the lemming that I am, I decided to get in line and take my chances.  Ordering was pretty simple, I choose my bread, meat and veggies.  Headed up to the counter and paid.  When my sammie was ready, they called my name.  It was a bit more complex than that since I also put in orders for Chill and Snake as I had arrived in line first. Would that constitute butting in line?  Anyways, Chill decided on the Prosciutto with tomato and lettuce.  Well, what can I say, it was 2 slices of bread with prosciutto and veggies.  He thought the sandwich was okay, but nothing particularly interesting about it.  Snake had the Turkey on whole wheat with lettuce and tomato.  Hmmm...  Is it just me or I could easily replicate this at home?  Yes, I understand that many people are too busy, but really?  

Okay, for myself, I had the Montreal Smoked Meat on rye with cucumber and roasted red peppers.  Am I missing something here?  I ate only half of this because it was just not that appealing.  And it wasn't all the cheap either at over $8.00. I added a side of Clam Chowder which was starchy and not all that creamy.  It was rather bland as well.  Okay.  I know I will be offending a whole bunch of people (because I can tell the place is popular) including the owners, but I didn't get it.  For the price I paid, I could get something more interesting and tastier at one of the many food carts in Downtown.

The Good:
- Lots of different combinations
- A healthier option

The Bad:
- Not really all that interesting
- Can be pricey if you add things

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Kevin said...

Rice 'N Spice is a much better option at the Royal Centre food court.

Kay @ Slightly 0bsessed said...

I really miss this deli! I haven't tried the sandwiches above - but when I did go, I always got their home-made schnitzel on their cranberry bread and it was MASSIVE. The most I can eat of it is half the sandwich. We also frequently had food catered from them for meetings and their salads were quite good too (but I don't think they're normally available for regular lunch). Also, try going on Fridays when their sandwiches are even cheaper ($6 for any sandwich w/any toppings).

La Generalissimo said...

I agree that Rice and Spice or Lemonia in that food court are much better choices. The appeal though is that it's real sandwiches with a real selection of breads (as opposed to Subway). The selection downtown is limited for the lunch hour crowds filtering in from the Bentall Buildings and they aren't the most expensive option there. If you ever try again I would suggest the schnitzel sandwich.

kits48 said...

The Deli is nothing special ... Never really got it. Try the Noble Grill just around the corner. Really nice family run operation, they make all their own soups, roast all their own meats & the price is quite reasonable. Pulled pork sandwich (although not authentic southern bob-q) is a winner. The staff laugh when I call it the "gwai lo cha siu bao". (I'm gwai lo) enjoy!

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