Sherman's Food Adventures: The Habit

The Habit

The love affair with the burger since it gained international attention at the 1904 St. Louis world's fair has been pretty intense.  Think of all the burger chain restaurants offering up their "best" version as well as almost every North American-style restaurant having it as a mainstay on their menus. For me, I love burgers and probably could eat one every day if not for the obvious artery-clogging issues.  So when Costanza and I spotted The Habit next to Arashi Ramen, we chose that rather than Japanese noodles (quite the feat at Costanza loves ramen!).

It amazes me that there are so many burger chains around and most do relatively well.  I guess the love affair with the burger is strong.  I decided to get the CharBurger with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, caramalized onions, pickles and mayo.  The first thing that I noticed was its size.  I found it fairly small.  The fresh meat was thin and not really all that moist while the bun was generic. I enjoyed the char and it tasted meaty.  The grilled onions were sweet and caramelized.  Overall, it was a decent burger. 

For my sides, I went for both the Fries and Tempura Green Beans. Of the two, the green beans won hands down.  These were killer sporting the thinnest and lightest tempura batter.  The exterior was crispy, not greasy at all and stayed adhered to every bean until the last bite.  Inside, the green bean was juicy and tender while still retaining an appealing firmness.  Loved these immensely!  As for the fries, they did the job being fried until golden and crispy.

Costanza inexplicably ordered the Golden Chicken Burger that featured a better soft bun.  The chicken meat was dry but outside crispy.  The chicken breast was fairly small, so there wasn't enough for meat in every bite. He wasn't that impressed with it and with the sample bite I had, it didn't make me want to order that again.  Now as for the CharBurger, I would give it another shot if I was in the area, but it isn't high on my list of revisits.

The Good:
- Those tempura beans!
- Fresh meat patty

The Bad:
- A little pricey
- Burgers are small


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