Sherman's Food Adventures: Belgard Kitchen

Belgard Kitchen

Normally after Sunday hockey, we would hit up something like Dim Sum or noodles of some sort.  That is all fine and dandy, but the Asian food thing gets a bit repetitive (not hard to do in Vancity).  So I piped up and suggested we go for brunch at nearby Belgard Kitchen instead.  Hey, it is a Sunday and by the time we get out of the rink, the brunch rush is nearly over.  To ensure that we didn't have to wait (if there was a wait), I did an online reservation just in case.  On a side note, I'm not a huge fan of standing in line at a place that doesn't take resos...

I went for the Meatballs in aribbiata sauce that was definitely zesty with a background kick.  There was plenty of tang to go with it as well as being seasoned just enough while not interfering with the natural flavours.  I especially liked the chunks of cooked down tomato as it added texture and more zip.  As for the meatballs, they were tender and meaty.  They weren't aggressively seasoned which was fine as the sauce was the real star.  On top, the 2 poached free-range eggs were perfectly runny while sauced with a buttery Hollandaise. Served on the side was smashed potatoes topped with cheese.  These were fairly firm and slightly dry, but when dipped into the sauce, it worked.  Kaiser Soze went for the Breakfast Burger featuring a runny free-range egg.  The meat was meaty and tender while the egg yolk helped make things messy.  The bun was airy and light, but held up to the ingredients.

Juju ended up with the Sausage which was meaty and lean.  They were nicely grilled with char marks that also made things a bit smoky.  Again, the poached eggs were delicate and just right with runny yolks.  The light Hollandaise did not overwhelm anything, rather it provided a silky butteriness.  Underneath, we found the same potatoes that helped soak up the yolk and Hollandaise. Although the grilled bread on the side was appealing to look at, it was too hard.  Maybe it would've went better with the meatballs so to soak up the tasty sauce. Milhouse went for something light in the Gravlax on greens and potato.  This was light and rich at the same time due to the eggs and Hollandaise with the potato.  But the greens and buttery gravlax helped balance it out.  For a brunch service, Belgard Kitchen did a relatively decent job all boxed up in a wonderful dining space.  Some of the sides could've been better though.

The Good:
- Beautiful space
- Generally good eats
- Good service

The Bad:
- The sides were a bit weak


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