Sherman's Food Adventures: Deli Board

Deli Board

After some gluttonous eating over the past few days, especially our visit to the House of Prime Rib, we needed to bring it down a few notches.  We couldn't sustain the overload of calories as well as the dent put into my bank account.  Hence, for a quick lunch, we made the medium-long walk over to Deli Board on Folsom from the Marriott Marquis in Downtown San Francisco.  Now this place is famous for their enormous sammies, which really wasn't dialing it down too much from our previous meals!

Before the sammies, we got a bowl of Matzo Ball Soup served in a plastic take-out container.  I mention this because the soup was freakin' hot and let's just say I do not recommend holding it like I did for the picture!  It was good though being lightly salted and full of natural chicken flavour.  The matzo ball was fluffy and light as well.  We only went with 2 sammies since we weren't very hungry (still digesting all that meat from the night before!).  The first was for the kiddies and it was a custom Turkey and Bacon with greens and board sauce.  I don't know about you, but the amount of tender and moist turkey in this thing was outrageous.  Very filling, but at the same time, great quality and it tasted great with crispy bacon and not overly heavy bread.

For Viv and I, we shared the Boca with a tonne of meats including corned beef, pastrami, brisket, muenster cheese, Board sauce, brown mustard & pickles.  Due to the types of meat, the sandwich ate saltier and more full-bodied.  Naturally, it was also a touch greasier as well.  However, all of this was quite fine by us as the sammie burst with flavor as well as a touch of tang and sharpness.  Yes, half of it was more than enough!  As you can clearly see, the sammies at Deli Board are huuuuge and quite tasty to boot.  Yet another spot I'd do again when in town.

The Good:
- Large and full of meat
- They taste good
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Not really that spacious, better get it to go during peak times
- Might want to go with a paper-based bowl for the soup


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