Sherman's Food Adventures: Milkcow


I'm pretty sure we can agree that Vancouver goes crazy over new things.  I guess that goes for many other cities as well, but honestly, every major chain of anything gets plenty of play when it first opens up here.  The next one to hit our city is Milkcow out of South Korea.  Employing organic natural milk and topped with unique ingredients, the stuff at Milkcow is an Instagrammer's dream come true.  But what about the actual product?  You can't eat a picture right?  Well maybe.  Anyways, a bunch of us paid the new store a visit after dinner at Beijiang.

Amy and Jo both went for the Tiramisu topped with the classic dusting of cocoa powder.  The first thing I noticed was the light and airy quality of the soft-serve.  Unlike the one found at Soft Peaks or even Dairy Queen, my spoon easily dug into the ice cream.  There was the unmistakable flavour of milk that was very impactful.   It was further heightened due to the low amount of sugar.  I wasn't a huge fan of the lady fingers on the bottom as they had become rather mushy.  Emily decided to try the Macao Dream with almonds and a macaron.  This to me was bordering on bland.  I didn't get much of anything.  The macaron was solid though being crispy and softly chewy on the inside.

For myself, I had the Mango Tree featuring mangoes on the bottom and an apple syrup drizzle on top.  To further enhance the treat, there was a swirl of cotton candy as well.  For this one, there was significantly more flavour as the apple syrup was bright and not too sweet.  Wasn't fond of the mangoes as they were mushy and not fresh.  Cotton candy was fun but didn't add anything in my opinion.  Topped with a different coloured cotton candy, Mel had the Snow Drop with jelly beans and sea salt.  I wished they had layered the sea salt rather than put all of it on top.  The first few bites were very salty. When we were done, it was pretty much unanimous that while the soft-serve was decent, it wasn't anything to get overly excited about either.

The Good:
- Can really taste the natural milk flavour
- Interesting combos, great for IG
- Creamy and light

The Bad:
- For us, it was rather bland
- Some things were too gimmicky and didn't add to the final product


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