Sherman's Food Adventures: Big Chicken Town

Big Chicken Town

Mercifully, the Big River Brewing, in the Zone Bowling complex, shut their doors for good awhile back.  That place was pretty "meh" even for a default restaurant that served up bar snacks and pub food.  If you can't even succeed when people have lack of choice, you know you are doing it all wrong!  In its place, Big Chicken Town set up shop.  For those who are unaware, the spot is a Korean restaurant, specifically serving up KFC (Korean Fried Chicken).  We ended up dining there after watching a movie at Silvercity.

Upon being seated, we were a bit confounded by the small tables as we could barely reach it from the booth seating.  No matter, we made it work.  From the extensive selection of KFC, we decided on 1/2 order of Honey Garlic and Black Yummy each.  Even though it was a half order, the portion size was pretty generous.  We found the chicken to be fairly tender and moist, but the batter was too thick and dense.  It was crunchy in spots, but we found it mostly cumbersome to eat due to the excessive batter.  The honey garlic was pretty tasty being sweet, syrupy and of course garlicky.  However, there was a bit too much of it where some pieces were drowning, hence not being crunchy anymore and too sweet.  We much preferred the black yummy which was essentially sweet garlic and ginger soy.  This was a lighter sauce where the chicken remained more crunchy.  Moreover, the light saltiness and bright ginger hit made it less heavy.

We also added some sides including the Gib Jip (or stir-fried chicken giblets).  For $10.95, we felt this was a complete ripoff since there was much more green onion and white onion than actual giblets.  If we reconstituted the chopped up giblets, there must've been no more than 8 - 10 in the stir-fry.  With that being said, the giblets were on point being tender with a firm chew.  There was plenty of pepperiness and brightness from the green onion.  It was a bit on the greasier side though.  On that note, the Corn Cheese was very buttery and hence greasy.  But that wasn't a bad thing as the caramelized niblets were super sweet and aromatic.  The ample amount of melted stringy cheese added to the sinful, but tasty concoction.   This was $8.95 and despite it being only corn and some cheese, it was still a better value than the giblets.

Lastly, we had the Yammers, which were essentially yam fries with a spicy dip.  Not sure if these were house-made or frozen, but that didn't matter as they were fantastic.  They were fried perfectly where the outside was crispy and easy on the grease.  Inside, the tender yam was airy and super light.  Therefore, these ate much easier than the usual dense and soggy yam fries we find at many other places. Overall, we thought Big Chicken Town to be fairly mediocre compared to the other KFC options in the GVRD, but a way better option than Big River Brewing...

The Good:
- Fairly friendly service
- Large portions (except for the giblets!)
- Convenient location

The Bad:
- Mediocre
- WTH with the giblets...


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