Sherman's Food Adventures: Good Sushi

Good Sushi

With a name like Good Sushi, there are a few things to consider.  First, they better have somewhat decent food or it will be very easy to ridicule.  Secondly, they just did themselves a great favour or screwed themselves in Google Search as they will either appear at the top of the list or just get lost in the search results.  Third, wasn't there any other name they could think of???  Whatever the case, we decided to check out this new spot on the same block at Earnest on Fraser Street to see if it was at the very least, semi-good sushi.

Not to go far off the beaten path, we had the House Roll and a selection of Nigiri (salmon, tamago, unagi and chopped scallop).  Sporting a thin layer of chewy sushi rice, the house roll was decent with plenty of imitation crab, tamago, salmon, tuna, cucumber, avocado and tobiko.  Wasn't the prettiest to look at but did the job and was reasonably-priced at $6.95.  As for the nigiri, my son essentially hijacked the whole dish and didn't share with us.  So I can only report his opinion.  He does eat plenty of sushi, so it's not like he isn't well-informed.  So it would be accurate.  The sushi rice was the same as our house roll.  He liked the buttery scallops, but thought the salmon was pretty ordinary.  Naturally, the tamago was pretty standard too (not of the Tetsu nor Masayoshi quality).

Onto a few cooked items, we got the Chicken Karaage as well as the Chicken Yakisoba. Despite its pale colour, the chicken karaage was decently crispy and fairly juicy.  There was a general lack of flavour though, but the lemon wedge did help.  In this case, a side of Japanese mayo would've been beneficial.  Staying with chicken, the chicken yakisoba featured sliced fried chicken atop soba noodles.  Personally, I prefer the chicken stir-fried into the dish, but for this application, it was fine.  The chicken was juicy and crispy on the outside.  As you can see, there was no sizzling action nor smoke since the cast iron plate wasn't hot enough.  Despite that, the soba was still chewy and there was very little moisture.

I wanted to go big with the Deluxe Sashimi featuring mackerel, ebi, albacore tuna, hokkigai, sockeye salmon, Atlantic salmon, ika, hamachi, tako and tamago.  This was my favourite item since I love sashimi and most of it was good.  Similar to the nigiri, the Atlantic salmon was average while the Sockeye was more flavourful.  I didn't like the hamachi as it was bland and not very buttery.  For our specialty roll, we tried the Awesome Roll sporting cucumber, avocado, prawn tempura and imitation crab topped with deep fried baby shrimp, tempura bits, spicy mayo and unagi sauce.  I really didn't like this roll.  It was far too busy and the shrimp on top were not crispy enough (too much batter as well).  To top it off figuratively and literally, there was far too much sauce.  So you can probably ascertain that for me, it wasn't good sushi, but more acceptable sushi.  But honestly, that is probably okay considering the reasonable prices.  Good for the locals.

The Good:
- Reasonable pricing
- Friendly people
- Acceptable sushi

The Bad:
- Well, it isn't "good sushi", see above
- Minimalist decor if you care


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