Sherman's Food Adventures: Moderne Burger

Moderne Burger

With the redevelopment of the 2500 block of West Broadway, we saw the closure of several businesses including Kinome Japanese Kitchen, Benny's Bagels and Aria Florist and Wedding Design.  Benny's has reopened as a retail outlet and possibly a cafe in the future.   Aria has also relocated.  Probably one of the most anticipated relocations is Moderne Burger where it took several months of delay to finally open a month ago.  Taking over the old Wendy's spot right next to Tim Horton's at 865 West Broadway, they have now become a counter service operation with slightly lower prices to go with the slightly smaller burgers.

Since they are starting off with a fairly simple menu, I ended getting everything that they had including the Steak Burger with lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo and house sauce on a fresh baked bun.  Since we all love cheddar and bacon, this was added to all of our burgers (good for the picture too...).  If you can appreciate, Moderne Burger has always prided themselves on being rather basic by letting the ingredients speak for themselves.  In this case, that is essentially what this burger was about.  Nothing complex nor mind-blowing, but a solid burger consisting of lean unseasoned beef that was accompanied by real cheddar, crispy lean bacon and fresh ingredients.  For myself, I doubled it up and of course the burger was larger and more robust.  Solid all the way in my opinion.

The only other option (unless your are a vegetarian) was the Turkey Burger with the same ingredients and yes, we added cheddar and bacon.  This was actually surprisingly good.  Although the turkey patty should've technically leaner than the beef, it was actually more moist.  It was flavourful on its own while the bacon really did more for this burger than the steak.  I would actually order this for myself (Viv ended up with it this time).  Due to the generous portion of their regular Fresh-Cut Fries, we only ordered 2 of them for 4 people.  These were really good being crispy and not overly greasy.  Good potato texture left inside.  My son had the chocolate shake, but we didn't take a picture of it.  Very thick and somewhat sweet, but good nonetheless.  The same could be said about everything else as the food was as good as I remembered.  

The Good:
- Same Moderne Burger simplicity
- Lower prices (with slightly smaller burgers)
- Easily accessible with its new location and counter service operation

The Bad:
- Menu can be use a few more items (maybe in the future)
- Food does take a bit longer to come out, not really fast food (but a good thing in terms of quality)


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