Sherman's Food Adventures: Siegel's Bagels

Siegel's Bagels

Sometimes, when we are busy trying to look for the next greatest thing, we tend to ignore the classics.  In this case, I was attempting to find something for late night eats after hockey.  Yes, there are still some places like Cuchillo that I haven't officially blogged about yet, but we wanted something more low-key.  Bam!  Why not the ol' Siegel's Bagels out in Kits?  For those who are unaware, this Vancouver institution has been serving up bagels for over a quarter of a century.  They also are open late which was perfect for our purposes.

Nothing particularly complicated about the place. It serves bagels and bagel sammies with a side of fries if you like.  Yes, there is also cream cheese spreads as well.  We didn't stray far from the regular menu though as Lionel Hutz had the Montreal Smoked Meat on a plain bagel with the aforementioned fries.  So compared to a slice of rye bread, the bagel ate more dense and heavy (similarly to the ones at Rosemary Rocksalt - and yes, they are related to Siegel's).  Still good though with a proper amount of meat to balance things out.  Milhouse went for the Reuben on a poppy seed bagel. With the addition of cheese and sauerkraut, the whole thing ate more moist and was multi-layered in flavour.  This was the better of the 2 in my opinion, especially with the poppy seed bagel.

For myself, I had the Club on a caraway seed bagel and by virtue of all the ingredients (Montreal smoked meat, turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, mayo and mustard), this ate like an actual sandwich even though it was in a bagel.  As for the fries, they were hot and crispy.  Quite good for a bagel spot.  This was the perfect late night snack and really it would be great for anyone in need of a bite or have the munchies after leaving the bars and/or clubs in Downtown.

The Good:
- Classic spot for bagels in Vancity
- Surprisingly good fries
- Reasonably-priced

The Bad:
- Personally, a bagel sandwich can be rather heavy, especially late at night
- Limited parking in the lot when busy
- Seats are at a premium when busy


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Great sharing. I always love to discover new foods.
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