Sherman's Food Adventures: King Noodle

King Noodle

Coming off a decent meal at Northern Dumpling House in Kirkland, we had not totally satisfied out Asian food cravings after a week aboard the NCL Bliss.  So we considered going to V Star Buffet which used to be Lucky Buffet (we visited when it was that).  However, since we just came from a cruise, it was probably not the best idea to pig out on more mediocre food.  So the next course of action was to hit up a moderately-priced spot that featured made-to-order hand made Chinese noodles.  That place was the highly rated King Noodle on Yelp.

We started off with the Seafood Hand-Shaven Noodles which was a huge portion.  Although picking seafood was not the optimal way of maximizing the texture of the noodle, it was still a good dish.  Chewy and exhibiting great mouth feel, the fresh noodle was on point.  As mentioned, the seafood didn't add a whole lot of body nor carmelization (due to the moisture) to the dish.  Along the same lines, we had the Shrimp with Snow Peas.  Now this dish had enough caramelization from the ample wok heat.  Hence, there was more impact.  As you can see, the veggies were vibrant and they were still crunchy.  The shrimp was just as good as the noodle dish being large and meaty with a sweet snap.

Onto something soupy, we had the Build-Your-Own Noodles.  We selected hand-pulled noodles with BBQ duck and beef, These thin noodles were slippery and al dente.  We found the soup to have enough seasoning but lacked depth.  There was enough BBQ duck and beef (even though you can't see it) for the portion size.  Our last noodle dish was the Singapore Fried Noodles and it was quite flavorful.  Plenty of caramelized curry essence combined with a good amount of seasoning.  The noodles were a bit wet, but not clumpy though.  There was more than enough ingredients that we hardly had any bite without some.  Once again, this was a large portion and we barely finished it.

One more dish, we had the General Tso's Chicken and it was a miss in my opinion.  This was drowning in far too much sauce which was also way too sweet.  Yes, it is supposed to be sweet and spicy, but the heat was completely lost due to the sugar content.  The chunks of chicken were fairly most though and it did sport a light crunch despite the amount of sauce.  As you can see, the noodles are the draw here and they were quite good.  Prices are very reasonable bordering on cheap.  Combine that large portion sizes and nice people, this place does the job for most people.  

The Good:
- Good hand-made noodles
- Inexpensive
- Large portions

The Bad:
- General Tso's Chicken was meh
- Inconsistent wok heat


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