Sherman's Food Adventures: Granville Island Delivery Co

Granville Island Delivery Co

Recently, I had visited Granville Island and although there were people shopping there, it was a whole lot less busy than it would've been during a normal July.  With a lack of international tourists, Granville Island and other tourist attractions are in a bit of a bind.  This is where we, the locals, can help the various businesses in and around the market.  Despite being a tourist spot, there are many gems on the island that many foodies swear by.  So when I was offered a basket of goods from the island from Granville Island Delivery Co, I was more than game.

Some of the best goodies were represented in the basket including possibly one of the most popular in Lee's Donuts.  We got a mix including sprinkles, chocolate glaze, cinnamon, jelly-finned and of course classic honey-dipped.  Yes, there are newer spots in town, but the soft yeast donuts from Lee's are excellent, especially served warm from the fryer.  Skip the lineup (which is long these days) and order some for delivery.

Another spot in the market, that I've had the pleasure of trying in the past, is Chocolatas.  Silky and smooth chocolates that are gorgeous to the eye and a multitude of tastes to the tongue.  In this box, we found flavours such as mojito mint & rum, anejo havana rum, pina colada pineapple rum and earl grey tea.  Yes, there were some more typical flavours including traditional caramel and raspberry & basil so the kiddies could enjoy too.

In a cooler bag with a gel pack at the back of the basket, two more favourites from the market were included.  We got truffle salami from Oyama Sausage Co and sorcier cheese from Benton Brothers.  I've actually had this salami before and it goes really well on a pizza.  Love their selection of
pâtés!  Nearby in the market, I've also picked up cheese to go with my meats from Oyama at Benton Brothers.  The one included in the basket is raw sheep's and cow's milk cheese with a layer of ash in the middle.  Nicely earthy and rich.

The rest of the basket was a wonderful selection of goodies including Nelson Sauvin Kelly Pilsner from Granville Island Brewing, Almond Butter Crunch from Fraser Valley Gourmet, Cream Earl Grey Tea from the Granville Island Tea Company, Pear Walnut Chutney from Luv the Grub, Canadian Maple Almonds from The Nut Merchant, Wildflower Honey from Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey, Hand Sanitizer from Healing Bees and Figs and Walnut Wine as an accompaniment with Oyama's truffle salami.  Yep, that is a whole lot of goodies from Granville Island.  So if you want to keep enjoying your favourites without needing to drive or transit down there, Granville Island Delivery Co can fill that void!

*Basket of goodies were complimentary*


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