Sherman's Food Adventures: Off The Grid Cafe

Off The Grid Cafe

Over 3 years ago, I had visited Off The Grid Waffles out on Kingsway near the old Wally's Burgers location.  I tried a few things and it was really good!  But keeping with my "cannot do a blog post with less than 3 items off the menu" rule, I didn't end up posting about it.  Therefore, it sat there in my queue waiting for my revisit to try more things.  Well, I never ended up going, so I didn't do a post at all!  Fast forward to the present and they have moved to Fraser Street on the same block as Angel Cafe.  No longer are they just a waffle shop, they are now Off the Grid Cafe dishing up brunch and fried chicken.

Since I've been on a fried chicken sandwich quest, it was only reasonable to try all 3 of their available sammies including the Off The Grid Original (cheese, cabbage and BBQ mayo), The Ring (onion ring, bacon, cabbage, cheese and BBQ mayo) and The Fiery Bird (spicy fried chicken thigh, cheese, cabbage and BBQ mayo).  The fried chicken thighs were as crunchy as they appeared in the picture.  Nicely spiced and brined, the chicken was juicy too.  I would've preferred cheddar over the processed cheese, but it didn't make or break the sammies.  The fiery bird was mildly spicy with plenty of tanginess.  Loved the brioche buns, soft and warm, it held everything together.

As for their Fried Chicken, we sampled their 2 PC Meal with a side of waffle fries (at a waffle place... nice!).  Mind you, other side options were plentiful including Cajun wedges, onion rings, yam fries and curly fries.  By employing the exact boneless thighs as the sammies, the fried chicken was crunchy and well-seasoned.  The dark meat was juicy and tender as well.  Waffle fries were prepared properly being crunchy, even when it sat for awhile before we ate it.

Off to the sweets, they served it to-go because there isn't any dine-in service at the moment.  We had the Ferrero Rocher Waffle Cup as well as a Mango Shake.  Just like before, the waffles were fantastic.  Crispy on the outside while soft and chewy on the inside, the texture was on point.  Nicely aromatic and lightly sweet too.  Ice cream was good quality being hard and creamy.  The shake was nicely blended and thick.  Just sweet enough and definite mango essence.  So as you can see, the menu has diversified to not only offer more selection, it is a great way to get through Covid until dine-in service can return.  There are also many brunch items on the menu as well.  Solid stuff and great for takeout, even the desserts!

 *All food and drink were complimentary*

The Good:

- You would think the waffles would be the star of the show, it is actually the fried chicken

- Waffles are still great!

- Reasonably-priced

The Bad:

- Cups for the waffle desserts could be bigger, a bit difficult to eat


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