Sherman's Food Adventures: Major Joy Flavoured Chicken

Major Joy Flavoured Chicken

If you haven't noticed, I've been on a fried chicken sammie spree for the past half year.  Yes, I take things seriously and I intend to try nearly all of the available fried chicken sandwiches in town to see which ones are the best.  So the latest adventure (well, when I originally post it on IG) brought me out to the newly-opened Major Joy Flavoured Chicken out on King George Hwy at 88th.  Located in the old Bear Creek Pub, this spot boasts 7 unique flavours for their fried chicken, grilled chicken and chicken sandwiches.  

I decided to make 2 separate visits since I certainly could not eat everything on the menu all at once (no, I'm not like Mijune).  So I got the most important thing right now (for me at least) in the Fried Chicken Sandwich in Major Hot as a major combo. Okay, the sandwich itself did not look all that interesting.  It did, however, eat decently with a good crunch and mild heat.  It wasn't majorly hot by any stretch of the imagination.  Instead, it was flavourful with a sweet heat.  The chicken breast was tender, but not juicy.  It could've used more coleslaw (there was so little, you couldn't even see it in the picture).  Overall, a decent fried chicken sandwich.   I ended up getting 2 small sides as part of the major combo being the French Fries and Chili Lime Corn.  Fries were pretty generic, but crispy.  I loved the corn as they were plump, sweet and full of impact from the chili lime.

On another visit, I got to try out their Fried Chicken in original, lemon pepper, tandoori and major hot.  I thought other than the major hot (which was pretty tasty from the sandwich already), my second favourite flavour was the lemon pepper.  Nice zip to go with the pepper which really worked with the bready batter.  I liked how the skin was well-rendered and the coating was uniformly crunchy and not greasy.  The chicken itself was not dry, but could've been juicier.  I wasn't a fan of the original as it was bland compared to the rest.

For our sides, we chose 2 of the major ones including Royal Chicken Stew and the Creamy Pasta.   Consisting of lentils, barley and chicken, the stew was quite mild, but comforting.  Naturally, the prepared creamy pasta featured overdone penne, but the creamy sauce was not bad.  Definitely something different other than the usual side dishes at fried chicken spots.  We also had 3 dipping sauces including tandoori, major hot and garlic.  I absolutely loved them all as they were all unique and tasty due to the spices.  Another way to amp up the chicken.  Pretty decent in my opinion if you were looking for flavoured chicken.  Personally, I'm still a fan of Church's, but Major Joy does offer something different and more options.

The Good:
- Lots of flavours
- Decent all around
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Chicken could be a bit more juicy (pieces and sandwich)


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