Sherman's Food Adventures: Vennie's Sub Shop

Vennie's Sub Shop

When one thinks of sub sandwiches, it inevitably turns to Subway or if we really reach down, Mr. Sub.  I personally have no problem grabbing the occasional sammie from those places as they are predictable, if not a bit pricey for fast food.  So if I'm going to spend $12.00+ on a footlong, why not go for something a bit different for just a bit more money?  Well that was the case when the temperatures reached 40 C plus earlier this week.  We were in no mood for cooking, even on the BBQ.  Therefore, I got Viv to pick up some subs from the newish Vennie's Sub Shop on her way home.  Also, the proximity to Down Low Chicken isn't a coincidence.  They are indeed part of the same group.

Unfortunately, they were sold out of the Pastrami Sandwich, so I had to go for something else and I decided on The American Deli sporting mortadella, Genoa salami, spicy calabrese, shredduce, slivered onion, spicy red pepper relish, herb seasoning, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  There are 2 sizes available and I chose the 225 gram version for $17.00.  As you can see, this was loaded with meat and no, I didn't go hungry after this.  There was plenty of spice from the calabrese. 

Similarly stacked with corned beef, mayo, beer mustard, Dubliner cheese, Black Vogue kraut and slivered onions, The Lucky ate just like I expected it to.  Lots of corned beef and tang from the kraut and pickles.  There was some sharpness from the onion and there was further zip from the mustard.  I thought the bread was okay, but a bit stiff and dry for my liking.  Maybe if I had nuked it, it would've been softer.

Now I can somewhat understand the choice of bread because it barely held up in The Smoked Chopped Cheese.  The combination of smoked Aftermath Beef, queso, pepper relish, caramelized onions, garlic butter and provolone started to really soak the bread.  Hence it was soft and some parts were mushy.  Granted, this traveled about 20 minutes before we ate it.  So I can see how they had to pick a heartier bread to stand up to wet ingredients.  This was good though with tender smoky beef with plenty of cheese.  The red pepper relish added some sweetness and background tang.

I don't think I would ever say such a thing, but I thought the amount of meat in The Deluxe Pizza was a bit much.  Due to the density of the pepperoni sheets combined with the double mozzarella, this was really heavy and of course pepperoni forward.  But then again, this is a pizza sub and they aren't going to add lettuce and tomatoes to it (I guess you could).  This sub pretty much said it all about Vennie's - plenty of meat and full-flavoured.  Worth a detour from the usual sandwich shops.

The Good:
- Lots of meat
- Full-flavoured
- Pricing just a bit more than the regular spots

The Bad:
- Wasn't a fan of the bread, but I get why they are using it
- Maybe too much meat? Get the smaller versions possibly


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