Sherman's Food Adventures: Egg & Co.

Egg & Co.

I gotta admit that I don't go out for brunch all that often.  To be honest, it isn't like I cannot make brunch at home for much less money.  However, that is not to say I don't enjoy going out for brunch, especially when the menu is interesting.  It also helps when some of the dishes are difficult to cook at home and/or I couldn't be bothered in making it myself. Final and most important point..  The point of eating out is also the social aspect and that cannot be completely replicated at home.  So with that in mind, I finally made it out to Egg & Co. - for the food and also for the sake of eating out.

At first, I wasn't so sure about the Black Truffle and Mushroom Toast.  But Ophilia assured me that it wasn't only good, it would come as a huge portion.  Well, she wasn't wrong.  This featured a bounty of buttery mushrooms topped with perfectly soft-scrambled eggs.  Truffle was subtle while the amount of parm was evident.  This was tasty and I would order this again gladly.

What I did order was the Scallop and Bacon Benny with hashbrowns.  I thought this was a good value since there were 4 large scallops.  They were buttery and sweet while beautifully seared.  Bacon was plentiful and fell in between being crispy and meaty.  Eggs were soft-poached and runny while the lemon hollandaise was creamy and rich with a good smack of acidity.  Hashbrowns were decent being crispy and a bit squishy, but they were well-seasoned.

Instead of hashbrowns for the mushroom toast, we had the Fries instead and in my opinion, they were the better choice.  These were fresh-cut and excellent.  They were medium-thick which meant that there was plenty of soft potato goodness in the middle.  On the outside, the fries were lightly crispy.  The result was that the fries were almost airy.  I kept eating these as they were addictive.

On another visit, we had their brunch pastas (only on Tuesdays) including the Carbonara topped with a poached egg, pancetta and grana padano.  This was very good with a tonne of lean pancetta, which afforded a luxurious saltiness.  Pasta was al dente and coated with just enough moisture to keep it from clumping.  The whole thing was pretty cheesy and well seasoned from the pancetta.  Would totally order this again.

The other pasta was the Truffle Mushroom Carbonara with the mushroom essentially replacing the pancetta.  Naturally, this was less salty and instead of fatty meatiness, we had the earthiness of the mushroom instead.  I thought this lacked impact compared to the regular carbonara.  It probably needed a bit more salt to make up for the lack of pancetta.  Otherwise, the whole thing was still good with most of the same qualities as the previous dish.

Lastly, we ordered the Chicken & Waffle featuring chicken kaarage on a waffle with bacon, nori, sriracha mayo and syrup.  This was pretty good with a slightly crispy waffle that was soft and a bit chewy.  On top, the chicken was tender and juicy with a light crispy batter.  Bacon was excellent being meaty with just a touch of crispiness.  Overall, I think Egg & Co is a solid place to grab brunch and some pastas.  I will add this to my rotation.

The Good:
- Solid execution
- Good portions
- Like the addition of pastas

The Bad:
- Seating is tight
- Pastas are only available on Tuesdays (but I understand it would overwhelm the kitchen on weekends


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