Sherman's Food Adventures: House of Chicken

House of Chicken

If I seem to be going on and on about food prices these days, it is with good reason.  You see, I'm very fortunate that I can afford to buy groceries and eat out.  So I'm acutely aware that the bottom line is very important to many people.  This brings me to the newly-opened House of Chicken on Scott Road.  It is directly related to Chicken World, so if the menu items look familiar, you aren't hallucinating.  In fact, this concept is a sit-down full-service restaurant with a "blues"-type atmosphere and vibe to go with shockingly low-prices for their food.  A family of 4 can come eat here and have leftovers for less than $50.00!

With a name like House of Chicken, it isn't a surprise they have Fried Chicken as well as Grilled Chicken.  Yes, these are exactly like you would find at Chicken World (which is a good thing).  Sporting a crunchy coating, the fried chicken is juicy and moist while nicely seasoned.  As for the grilled, it can also be original or spicy. For this one, it has a definite kick.  Skin is well-rendered and the meat is juicy and tender.

Featured prominently on the menu are their burgers including the Nashville Hot (there are 2 of them in this picture), Classic and Mega Crunch.  If you've been to Chicken World, then you have had these before.  Served on a soft but sturdy bun, the fried chicken thighs are juicy with a uniformly crunchy exterior.  These can be had in either original or spicy.  My pick is the Mega Crunch featuring 2 large fried chicken thighs.

Also on the menu is a few options for those who do not want chicken in the form of their Veggie Burger and Philly Cheesesteak.  Unlike other versions, their veggie patty is made with paneer and then fried.  Hence, the texture is much softer and moist.  The crunch of the exterior gives it a great contrast.  As for their cheesesteak, it features thin slices of beef that are lean, yet not chewy.  It features peppers, onions and cheese in a soft roll.

For their version of Popcorn Chicken, they use large pieces of dark meat that could easily pass for nuggets.  This is a version of popcorn chicken that needs to be shared or if it is all you are eating , you will be full!.  Naturally, these feature the same crunchy seasoned batter as the fried chicken.  Also similar is the juicy and well-seasoned chicken.  On the side, there is a spicy and sweet chili dip.

Beyond their fried chicken and burger options, they also have a few daily Indian specials.  On Wednesdays, they have the Grilled Chicken Skewer atop spiced chicken rice for $7.99.  This is more than enough for one person where the chicken is flavourful with spiciness.  Despite not looking as such, the chicken is tender and juicy.  Underneath, the ample amount of chicken rice is fluffy while chewy with spices.

Also available as a daily special on Mondays, the Chicken Biryani features large pieces of chicken thigh nestled within the spiced rice for $9.99.  I found the chicken to be succulent and spicy while the chewy (in a good way) rice was equally hot.  Full of flavour and a steal for the price.  Due to popular demand for this item, it is available every day of the week for the non-special price.  On weekends, they offer Hungry Habibi Hours that includes chicken biryani, butter naan bread, pink tea and dessert. It is available from Friday to Sunday from 5:00 - 10:00pm.

In terms of sweets, they have milkshakes such as the Mango Milkshake (there is Oreo too!) as well as Cheesecake.  The shake is creamy and purposefully sweet while the cheesecake was quite light and airy with plenty of cheesiness.  It is on the sweeter side due to the caramel drizzle.  As you can see from this post, the food at House of Chicken is very affordable and well-portioned.  Add in the fact that the food is delicious as well, then you have a real winner.  I actually work nearby so, I am going to be quite the regular now and grab some takeout for lunch!

 *All food and beverages were complimentary*

The Good:
- Solid eats
- Inexpensive (almost unbelievable)
- Generous portions

The Bad:
- Could add a few more options for sides



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