Sherman's Food Adventures: Chicken World (Surrey)

Chicken World (Surrey)

I'm sure you've noticed that I like Chicken World, in particular, the 96th Ave location in Surrey.  Well, to be honest, the first time I visited the place way back in 2009, was not impressive.  However, they have come a long way since then and have become one of my favs.  This location in Surrey happens to be on my way home from work, so I've been known to drop by for some take out every now and then.  For my latest foray into fried chicken goodness, I was invited with some others to try out new items in addition to their classics.

The new items started with both the Peri Rice Combo and Peri Rice Platter.  There was a green salad and spiced rice that came with the choice of chicken.  You could opt for pieces of seasoned chicken or 2 pieces of baked chicken.  In this case, it was a drumstick and thigh.  For both plates, the chicken was tender and moist.  As for the bone-in pieces, the skin was well-rendered.  There was ample flavour but the included hot sauce made things a bit more spicy (and sweet).

We ended up revisiting 2 burgers that were always on the menu - Karizma Burger and Gabbar Burger.  Being the baby of the bunch, the Karizma featured one crispy-battered chicken thigh.  It was juicy and seasoned as expected.  This could be had in regular or spicy.  Upgrade to the Gabbar and we found 2 chicken thighs and yah, that was a large sandwich.  However, the new Maula Jatt topped everything with 3, count'em 3 crispy chicken thighs!  I couldn't even fit this in my mouth!  This would satisfy even the biggest of appetites!

So of course we couldn't forget about their Fried Chicken in both regular and spicy.  Compared to the some of the other spots (such as Church's, Popeye's, Jollibee and Hi-Five), I find the chicken at Chicken World to be up there with a uniformly crunchy batter, rendered skin and juicy, seasoned meat.  For those who do not want fried chicken, they also have Peri Peri Chicken (that is featured in the rice platters) and also BBQ Chicken.  Not to be outdone, both versions feature juicy chicken as well with rendered skin.  The BBQ is not as spicy but sports a sweet and tangy sauce.

For our sides, we had the Jalapeño Poppers as well as the Spiced Fries.  I've had both before and the poppers are pretty good with a crunchy breading.  Lots of melty cheese inside.  As for the fries, they are crunchy while sporting an earthy and slightly spicy dusting.  As you can see, this was another predictable and solid visit to Chicken World.  They keep adding to their already extensive menu with a little something for everyone.  

*All food and beverages were complimentary for this blog post*

The Good:
- Juicy fried chicken
- Well-priced
- Lots of options on the menu

The Bad:
- Wish their paper plates were not so flimsy


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