Sherman's Food Adventures: Kent`s Kitchen

Kent`s Kitchen

"Pop quiz hotshot: you're hungry and you only have $4.50 on you, what do you do, what do you do?" Despite my lame attempt to parody the movie Speed, what do you do when you only have $4.50 in change and you're starving? You could go to McDonald's, Burger King or Wendy's; I suppose... But what if you wanted more food or just didn't want a burger? Well, Kent's Kitchen is your answer. $4.50 will buy you steamed rice with 2 items. At a quick glace, you'd think it was a Manchu Wok or something similar. Well, it's not a Manchu Wok. It's pretty authentic Chinese food with authentic ingredients. If you see things like pig's feet and tripe, you're talking authentic.

I'm not saying that places like Manchu Wok are terrible (well, some people think it's inedible), I actually don't mind the occasional food fair offerings. The same goes for Kent's Kitchen, an occasional visit is fine, don't eat it every day. Otherwise, it would be the equivalent of a Chinese "Super-Size Me" movie. You would never find the portions that Kent's Kitchen offers at a food fare. The staff here make sure they cram food into every inch of the Styrofoam or tin containers. On a side note, please do yourself a favour and avoid T & T's version of Kent's Kitchen. The food doesn't even come close in taste and execution.

In addition to their set meals, you can get small and large orders of any of the entrees. Depending on what you order, it's $3.00 - $6.25 for a small and $4.00 - $11.50 for a large. Realistically, a small is enough food to equal a dish of food. However, if you wanted more, a large is plenty of food. As for the entrees, I personally like the Salt & Chili Prawns, Beef & Broccoli, Spicy Beef and the Honey Garlic Spareribs. There is also Chinese BBQ items - BBQ Pork, BBQ Duck, Roast Pork, Roast Chicken and Soy Chicken.

This is really a good place to pick up some food on your way home from work. However, there is constantly a crazy lineup for service here, so remember to take a number. So... what's the catch? Food is authentic, cheap and tasty; there must be a downside right??? Well, as with most stir-fried and fried Chinese food, Kent's offerings can be greasy and salty. Healthy eating it is not! Moreover, if you expecting gourmet Chinese food here, you will not find it. But, for the occasional Chinese food fix at very low prices, you can't beat Kent's.

The Good:
- Cheap and tastes good
- Lots of selection
- Big portions

The Bad:
- Greasy, salty and MSG!
- Crazy busy
- Terrible parking lot

Kent's Kitchen
5659 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, B.C.

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Anonymous said...

Kent's Kitchen is one of my dirty little secrets. I go there once in a while for a cheap meal; however, I tend to go to the one in Chinatown, specially because they have some "items" not usually available in the Victoria Drive location. For example, the beef brisket or bitter melon.

Better than a lot of fast food restaurants? Yes. Cheap? Yes. Greasy? Yes. Authentic Chinese? Hmmmm.... Questionable. Sure, some "items" might be based on Chinese dishes but the execution would raise some eyebrows. Still, as you mention it is a lot better than what you would see in places like Manchu Wok.

On a side note, some of the items you mention, if you order it with your "rice plus two items" will cost you extra. As for me, I usually go for a veggie (either bak choy or broccoli) and beef brisket. If the later is not available, anything stewed.

Sherman Chan said...

Yup, I go to the Chinatown one too... to pick up Assorted Beef Organs... LOL... Yes, I agree with you, it's not completely authentic. But, it's as authentic as this type of place can get. It's actually quite crappy compared to good Chinese restaurants if you think of it. I agree it's "dirty" secret, in more ways than one! ;) It almost makes people question our tastes! But, I'll admit it, I still like it, once in awhile...

Anonymous said...

Uncle Fatih's of course!!!

Sherman Chan said...

Hi Kevin,

Yes! You are right! Too bad I posted Kent's before I visited Uncle Fatih's...

Unknown said...

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