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I know, I know, Joey's is a chain restaurant. But when you've just finished a late hockey game and you're looking for eats at midnight, you don't have many choices. It's even more difficult when you are trying to avoid late-night Asian joints in the GVRD. When I was in NYC, I never had this problem; everything was open! You're probably wondering what is so special about Joey's. Well, personally, I think Joey's is a pretty decent chain restaurant. I've been going to Joey's since it was known as Joey Tomato's (in fact, the name Joey Tomato's was in use for awhile after they totally changed their decor and menu).

For those who never went to Joey Tomato's, it was nothing like the modern, trendy, club-like place it is today. Back in the 90's, it resembled something like East Side Mario's, where you would find jars of olives, pickles, pasta and checkered tiles on the wall. Yes, think family restaurant. How times have changed. But one thing has remained constant, their baked whole mini-apple pie. It is by far the best apple pie dessert, at least from a chain restaurant. It comes with a scoop of maple ice cream as well. Other than that, the menu has completely changed from what it was before. Like East Side Mario's, the original Joey Tomato's menu was dominated by pasta. Now, the menu is definitely more international, with influences from Asia and the Mediterranean.

I've been to Joey's quite a lot in the past and I've tried almost everything. I can honestly say most of it is good; but stay away from the Rotisserie Chicken, it's dry and a bit flavourless. Also, the Ahi Tuna Club can be good, as long as you instruct them to not overcook it. If you don't tell them, the fish will resemble canned tuna on a bun. Moreover, do not have their Miso Ramen Bowls, it's not that they're not good; but for $15, you can get a better one at a Japanese restaurant for half that price. The burgers are decent at Joey's; however, they don't can't compete with other burger joints and The Burger at Cactus Club is better. I do like their skinny fries though, they're quite crispy and they do give you lots. The pastas at Joey's are pretty good too, but just like Earl's and Milestone's, they are overpriced for the amount you get. You'd be better off going to a real Italian pasta bar. For some strange reason, I actually like the lettuce wraps at Joey's, the portion is decent for $10 and it tastes pretty good. As we are running out of places to go for late-nite in the GVRD, I think Joey's isn't a bad choice. You get a good selection of food and it tastes pretty decent too.

The Good:
- Comfy, upscale decor
- Food is generally pretty good
- Open late (well, at least this location)

The Bad:
- Being a chain restaurant, things might be a bit generic
- Some items are overpriced (ie. Ramen, Pasta)
- Parking is an issue at all of their locations

1424 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.

Business Hours:
11:00am - 12:00am (Sun - Wed)
11:00am - 2:00am (Thu - Sat)

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Anonymous said...

I applied to work at their new location near Burrard station in one of the Bentall centers. They gave me about 4-5 calls back, I went in for a lot of interviews and talks with different people and then I never got a reply back! The last person pretty much said I was hired....:(

Anyways, a friend took me here years ago now, it felt like a a higher class Earls to me.

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