Sherman's Food Adventures: Top Pot

Top Pot

If snacking on Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland wasn't enough, Viv and I stopped by Top Pot Doughnuts in downtown Seattle for good measure. Hey, if it's good enough for Rachel Ray... Yum-O! Okay, if I haven't already lost you there, please keep reading. If you are wondering what exactly is Top Pot and what sets it apart from any other doughnut shop, it's all in the name. Yup, as the story goes, the founders of Top Pot had originally purchased a decrepit neon sign from an old Chinese restaurant named Top Spot. However, as it lay rusting in their backyard, the sign began to deteriorate. While it was being transported for restoration, the "S" fell off; thus leaving behind "Top Pot". The result was a doughnut shop that made their delicious doughnuts by hand, not by machine such as Krispy Kreme.

My first taste of Top Pot was courtesy of Vandelay. I really like how big they are. Eating a whole Top Pot doughnut is no easy feat, especially the Cinnamon Roll. Furthermore, the doughnuts are not heavy, despite their size. One thing I do not like about Krispy Kremes is that they are incredibly sweet. Well, Top Pots are not exactly bland; but they are not overly sugary. As we were in a rush to hit the Seattle Premium Outlets before heading home, we quickly got a dozen doughnuts to go.

We made it across the border pretty quick due to the Nexus pass; however, we waited quite long at the Massey Tunnel. For the life of me, why would they have a carpool lane for 3 people change into a 2 person carpool lane after Highway 17 is beyond me. If I had known, I would've taken the carpool lane! Anyways, we stopped by Vandelay's house along the way and returned the favour of some yummy Top Pots.

The Good:
- Doughnuts are large
- Texture is soft, even the next day!
- Not crazy sweet

The Bad:
- As with any good doughnut, they are not cheap


holly said...

Nice selection. My mouth is watering just looking at it.

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