Sherman's Food Adventures: Hot Oven Pizza

Hot Oven Pizza

This is another one of those places which I've driven past countless times and never tried. Today was my chance. We had some people coming over and we had to get some eats. Costanza helped pick up the Memphis Platter from Memphis Blues BBQ; but we needed something that was a bit more kid-friendly. For obvious reasons, pizza was decided as the second take out item. Rather than going to the standard places such as Panago or Domino's, I decided that we should try Hot Oven Pizza on East Hastings in North Burnaby.

As I was finishing my order on the phone, I learned that if you order 2 pizzas of the same size, the second one is 25% off. Well, that was a welcome surprise because the pizzas aren't exactly cheap here. But you'll find out why later... When we went to pick up the pizzas, the first thing that I noticed upon entering the store was the considerable amount of mozzarella cheese blocks on the kitchen counter. Well, it's nice to see that the cheese they use here is freshly grated. There is only one table in the place; but really, it's not a dine-in sorta restaurant anyways. After a brief wait, we were presented with 2 really heavy pizzas. To my utter shock, the 2 boxes were quite substantial. I could feel the weight of the pizzas! Constanza and I took a peek at the pizzas and figured out why - there is a lot of cheese and toppings on the thing!

When we finally got down to eating them, the pizza really impressed Constanza. The crust was soft and more like bread and on top was a really thick layer of mozzarella. Nestled within the cheese was no shortage of quality ingredients. We surmised that the mozzarella was skim milk because the pizza was not oily at all despite the quantity of cheese. The addition of dried Italian herbs on top of the pizza and the crust helped give more aroma and flavour to the pizza as well. What do you know? Random pizza place turns out to be good. Nice.

The Good:
- Holy mozzarella cheese Batman!
- They don't skimp on the toppings
- Easy to eat crust

The Bad:
- Being so full of everything, it is quite filling (can be a good thing too)
- If you want crispy thin crust, this is not it

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Kevin said... me craving some pizza.

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