Sherman's Food Adventures: No. 9

No. 9

OMG! What the heck was I thinking??? #9??? Am I getting that desperate for late night eats or what? I'm beginning to scratch the bottom of the barrel. Well, that's what Costanza and I were faced with at 1:30am. Once again, I was over at his place trying to rewire his home entertainment centre after some renovations. I helped Costanza mount his TV above the fireplace. To me at least, it seems like very little is holding up an item that is worth so many thousands of dollars. Let's hope it doesn't fall off! So we were thinking of places to go and not much came to mind. Well, he doesn't live too far from Richmond, so we decided on #9. I haven't been to this place in ages. Imagine that, not only was I going to a place I'd normally not visit, I'm going to Richmond! What's the worst that can happen? Bad drivers and bad food...

Well, since there are not many drivers this early in the morning, I neither got cut-off nor tailgated. Why can't it always be this pleasant??? Arriving in the Lansdowne parking lot littered with Bimmers and Benzes, I noticed a heavy police presence. Not sure if that was a coincidence or intended. Whatever the case, we parked and took our chances. You know what? For a weekday late night/early morning, there were a lot of people at this place. Don't people have to work or something? Wait, we were there too... Alright, it took us forever to figure out what to eat. The menu is absolutely enormous from the usual congee/noodles to hamburgers. For some inexplicable reason, we went for dinner items. Yah, greasy Chinese food, that'll make us feel real good at this time of night. And we weren't even drunk!

We started with the Spicy Green Beans and to our surprise, they were quite good. Full of flavour and slightly spicy, these perfectly "fried" green beans were still crisp. However, our enthusiasm was shut down faster than a restaurant after a health inspection when the Curry Brisket arrived. Looking quite sad, the curry tasted bland and the sauce was gooey. The sauce was thickened with too much corn or tapioca starch; thus it was nothing like curry (even for a Chinese version) should look or taste like. The beef was a bit chewy as well. The last dish, Orange Peel Beef, was disappointing. I realize there had to be a certain amount of sauce for the steamed buns, but there was so much of it, the table was getting sauced! Plus, the beef was none too tender as well. Flavourwise, it was acceptable. Just like every other time we've been here, the food is greasy and generally quite average. Well, at the very least, the portions are quite large, so you can stuff your face with lots of greasy food at 3:00am.

The Good:
- Open all the time
- Large portions

The Bad:
- Greasy
- Too many items on the menu to properly execute them all

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gordon said...

It's funny how GlobalBC said Vancouver has the "best" Chinese food in the world.

Sherman Chan said...

Yah... LOL. Some places are pretty good. #9 is just not one of them, to me at least!

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