Sherman's Food Adventures: Steveston Pizza

Steveston Pizza

You'd think with all the pizza joints that the GVRD has to offer, it'd be easy to find a great thin crust. Well, Kim, Anita and I had to travel all the way out to Ah Beetz in Abbotsford for some NY-style pizza. Of course that is an extreme case. There is Nat's, Brick Oven and Lombardo's to name a few. But one of the very best lies way out in Steveston. Of course for people who live in Richmond, that isn't really all that far away. But for me, it ain't close. Furthermore, they only open from 4:00pm. I can't stop by on the way home to grab one. Thus, this would be one of the places I'd make an effort to try, much like Ah Beetz. I originally promised Kim that I'd go with him to try it. But, Pomegranate and I just finished up an extremely late lunch at Kisamos which happens to be 2 stores down from Steveston Pizza.

Like I needed any more guilt, Kim coincidentally calls me just as I was going to leave Kisamos. I promised some pizza as a gesture for my greedy-eating. To make things worse, he was bringing back some goodies from his little trip to Seattle. Talk about guilt... I'll need to buy him a whole pizza from Steveston next time to make it up to him! So I basically waddled my way over to Steveston Pizza because I was so full from eating an entire roast lamb dinner. I'm glad my hockey game did not start until 5 hours later! With so many choices, it was quite difficult to choose one pizza. I decided that I needed to try something different from the usual meat pizzas, even though the staff told me it was their biggest seller. Ultimately, I chose the French pizza since it's not something you'd find at most pizza joints.

It consisted of chicken breast, mushroom, white onions, asparagus and single cream brie drizzled with a light pesto. Not wanting to wait until I got home, I immediately opened up the box and took a bite. Steaming hot with a remarkably light crust, the pizza was flavourfully mild (if that can exist). What I meant was that every flavour component did not overwhelm each other. It was creamy, subtle and exhibited various tastes much like French food! Personally, I would've preferred if they had added the basil after baking. Other than that, it was a fantastic pizza which you will never find from a chain pizza operation.

The Good:
- Plenty of interesting pizzas
- Nice thin crust which is still a bit soft, not crunchy
- Fresh ingredients

The Bad:
- Isolated location for most people
- Limited operating hours

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Ada said...

I love this place though it's far from me too! They have this seafood one that's awesome...I'm not suppose to eat shrimp but it's so good I eat it anyway!

watercress said...

ha ha .. you're eating faster than I can feast my eyes on your reviews and photos.
Pizza looks different from what I get @usual chains! Didn't want to clutter this place with words but the "vote" button not working. It's simpler to click the 'vote' button in lieu of comments, just to show appreciation. :))

trisha said...

brie on pizza? asparagus? yes please! why don't more places do this? oh, right... the cost. i would definitely pay a little more for those kinds of toppings though

KimHo said...

Thanks for the shoutout!

As for the pizza, I had it cold and it was still quite good. Of course that experience will be different when it is hot so that means I should go there something. I guess it is a matter of when... Anita? :)

Follow Me Foodie said...

I like the Japanese pizza! I've tried 6 pizza there and the Japanese and I think Earth were the best?...I think it's Earth.

I can't stop laughing at how you just ate a roast lamb and then headed for pizza. You remind me! =p

Sherman Chan said...

LOL Mijune... yes, we are alike in that respect... haha...

gigi said...

Yum, I had some just this past week. My brother ordered one with enoki mushroom and crab...and it was delicious! I really like their thin crusts too...makes it really easy to eat 5-6 pieces. :p

Sherman Chan said...

Looks like it is a popular place for everyone... I'm definitely going back to try more!

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