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Kushi Box

During the Olympics, we paid a visit to the heart of the action on Robson Street. I don't know if we were trying to play heroes or just tempting fate; but we brought both kiddies with us. Turns out that it wasn't that bad. It also helped that the weather was so warm for the Olympics. Of course it got crappy and cold once it ended. While we were there, we visited Viet Sub. 2 stores down, I noticed Kushi Box and it really looked interesting with its BBQ'd items. I took exterior shots in hopes of returning later that day once we took in some of the sights and sounds. Alas, it was not meant to be. The kiddies were getting tired and my plans for eating looks as good as Ron Popeil's GLH Formula 9.

Today, we headed Downtown for the Vancouver International Car Show via Skytrain. Normally, we'd drive; but my son really wanted to try out rapid transit. I gotta say, he was pretty darn excited. Give him a few years, he'll be less enthusiastic... Prior to catching the Skytrain back home, we headed up Robson to give Kushi Box a go. Naturally, we made a pit stop at McD's for a grilled cheese... With son happy, we went about ordering at Kushi Box. I have to give it to them, the pictures on the menu board do look very enticing and big. It's too bad the actual product is not remotely close to meeting those expectations.

I decided to go for their Mega Box which includes Teriyaki chicken, Tsukune, Uzura Maki on rice w/ nori, mayo & half boiled egg. I also got a Combo B which added choice of 2 kushi (Yakitori & P-Toro in this case) and pop or miso soup. For fast food, it's nice to try something different from the usual. In this case, Kushi Box does succeed in being unique. Honestly, I liked both the yakitori and p-toro. I liked the yakitori for its charred flavour and the p-toro for its tender pork (albeit a bit salty). Viv got the Teriyaki Box and added a Combo A which included Chicken Karaage & pop or miso soup. We found the karaage to be quite subpar. Since they were the size of popcorn chicken, they turned out to be dry.

As for my mega box, I was disappointed by the portion size. On top of what seemed to be very little rice, rested all of the aforementioned items. While not being incredibly impressive, everything was quite decent. I especially liked the uzura maki (quail eggs), every bite exploded with yolk (that's why I love quail eggs). I thought everything went well with barely cooked egg mixed with the properly cooked rice. But I finished it quite quickly and looked longingly at my son's grilled cheese. He didn't let me have any. Viv had the same sentiments. Although the teriyaki chicken was properly cooked with the right amount of sauce (more sauce is provided in a small container), it wasn't anything special. Just like me, Viv finished it in no time. To be fair, Kushi Box is not the type of food that is meant to blow people away. With that in mind, I generally liked the food here; but for the price I ultimately paid, there just wasn't enough of it.

The Good:
- Charcoal BBQ'd Kushi
- "Healthier" fast food?
- It's different

The Bad:
- Not good value in my opinion
- It's completely takeout, a few seats outside (not really a bad, since they are a takeout operation)

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KimHo said...

Yeah, by itself, it isn't that bad, the problem is the price (which, BTW, I don't think you listed it): for the combo hitting near $10 (depending on which "box" you choose), there are a lot of better options. But, because the fact they are Japanese, there will be people flocking to it and get something from them. As odd as it sounds...

Sherman Chan said...

Yah, $10! I could do nearly 3 subs next door at Viet Sub! But they're different foods altogether... Dunno, I guess there wasn't value for me this time. I did like the food though.

Jenny said...

You know I was disappointed with Kushi box portion and price. Their grilled stuff was average.

Then I went to Zakkushi recently (reluctantly, it was a friend's bday), I was pleasantly surprised that their stuff was actually very good. Even though they are all from the same owner, but quality is definitely not consistent.

Destini said...

I really like Kushi Box actually. I like the chicken meat balls and I love having easy access to Oden from my office. True, the portions are small, but good for a girl on a diet ;) I have it in my lunch rotation for the area.

Sherman Chan said...

Hi Ivy, yah, I actually don't mind Kushi Box. I guess it's the price-to-food ratio that I'm not that all pleased with. I guess I just eat more than you! LOL...

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