Sherman's Food Adventures: Kent's Kitchen (Chinatown)

Kent's Kitchen (Chinatown)

What can $5.00 buy you these days? In some instances, not very much. How about a Bakudanyaki, Terimayo, 2 slices of pizza or a bowl of wonton noodles? Not too bad... Consider that it can get you only a beverage at some establishments, then it really doesn't go too far. What if you wanted a really large meal that quite possibly stretch into tomorrow's lunch as well? Now, that's just plain preposterous! As mentioned in my post about Kent's on Victoria Drive, it is very possible. Of course there are compromises. Yup, there are shortcuts taken in the preparation of the food. Yes, the food is quite greasy and the deep fryer is indeed on overtime; however, it might possibly be one of the best deals in town. Today, we paid a visit to the original location in Chinatown. Unlike the Victoria Drive location, there are no BBQ items; rather, just a larger display of cooked items to choose from.

I'm happy that they implemented a "ticket number" system here since relying on plain courtesy in Chinatown is pure lunacy. You'd have better luck trying to run across a freeway than to have people here self-regulate themselves. It's akin to having any hope of someone being generous enough to offer you their parking spot at Crystal Mall or Aberdeen Centre... You'd be lucky to retain your own space that you signaled and waited for! I digress. So, for as little as $4.50, you can pick any 2 items with steamed rice. If you eat in, they pile it onto a large plate and if you takeout, they fill the box to the brim until it is a leaky mess. Complimentary soup is available if you want it.

Ma and Hot Mama played it safe and did the Sweet 'n Sour Pork thing. Nothing really wrong with that; but there are much more exotic dishes that taste better in my opinion. My favourite has got to be the Mixed Offal. What's better than a stew of tripe, lung, pancreas and tendon? Maybe add in some tongue and then we're talking! I added some fried eggplant for my daily vegetable intake. Hey, nothing spectacular, possibly bordering on average; but you can't deny the value!

The Good:
- Cheap
- Very large portions
- Vast selection

The Bad:
- Some items are average or worse
- Greasy

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Gary said...

Thanks for the review. I've walked past this place on my way to my $10 haircut (booya!) in Chinatown. Usually I get Phnom Pehn take out but this looks like a cheaper and greaser and even more MSG-laden option! lol

KimHo said...

Yes, indeed, it is greasy eats but, if you are smart with your options, they aren't that bad. For example, I like stewed meats and some leafy greens.

It's akin to having any hope of someone being generous enough to offer you their parking spot at Crystal Mall or Aberdeen Centre.

Man, that's why I keep telling you should park in Metrotown rather than Crystal Mall! And, as for Aberdeen, it is madness to even consider going there... :P

KimHo said...

Guess where I went for lunch today? :)

LotusRapper said...

I always ask the employees to ladle from the top of the heaps as to avoid the grease (or so-called "jup") at the bottom of each dish pan. Not that it makes a world of difference, but enough.

Another trick of the trade, hehe: always fill 2-3 cups of tea at the beginning. By the time you are almost finished eating, you'd have 2-3 cups of warm tea to drink (and wash down all that 5W30 oil in your esophagus) without scalding your tongue and mouth. SKIP the free soup.

My faves: peppery-salt prawns, S&S porkchops, lotusroot with assorted pig parts, stewed beef with daikon.

IIRC Chinatown KK *had* BBQ pork before, they must have removed them.

I've been known to buy an extra or two take-outs of 2 dishes + rice and give them to the nearest needy persons I see outside the restaurant.

Sherman Chan said...

Gary, it's a greasy option, but a cheap one as you mentioned!

Hmmm Kim... Irashai? A Glowbal reataurant and then some Qoola afterwards?

LotusRapper, you got it right with the tea. Really helps. Yah, the soup is complimentary for a reason. And good on you to share some of the food. Better than giving cash.

trisha said...

i needed this place when i was a bike courier. after riding my bike 60km, this would have hit the spot. hopefully there are some seafood options?

Sherman Chan said...

Trisha, I think there are modest seafood options such as fried squid, stir-fried squid, fried fish, fried prawns and fish meatballs. Yah, pretty sad selection, I know...

KimHo said...

I think they charge extra for seafood options, though, not to mention a lot of the dishes have some form of meat anyway (for wok hei).

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