Sherman's Food Adventures: Arturo's Mexico To Go

Arturo's Mexico To Go

With the mini-explosion of food carts in Vancouver, it has been somewhat of a challenge to hit all of them. First we had the slow roll out, with some still not yet up and running. Second, they are scattered around everywhere and unless you work in Downtown, they are not exactly easy to get to (especially finding parking!). Another issue is tracking them down in general. Some have closed up shop completely (Chinese Skewer King) or even moved locations (Eli's Serious Sausage). However, I must admit that my visit to Arthur's Mexico to Go has not been due to any of the aforementioned issues. It is no secret that Mexican food is not exactly my first choice of cuisine. I am in no way saying that Mexican food cannot be good. With the stagnant variety of Mexican fare in Vancouver, it makes it very hard for me to like it. I might actually have to risk my health and eat a authentic eateries in Mexico to alleviate this problem. Or maybe I can just spend lots of money and visit Rick Bayless' Frontera Grill in Chicago. So, in lieu of those ambitious adventures, for the time being I'll have to settle for what we got. Hey, as TS (from Eating Club Vancouver) states, "we deserve the restaurants that we get".

Last time I had visited Dim Sum Express (which is right around the corner from Arturo's), I briefly entertained the thought of having a second lunch from Arturo's'; but I wisely did not. Such self-control! Anyways, this time around I was hungry and went for 3 items starting with the Tortilla Soup. With a combination of avocado, beans, cheese and crisp tortillas, this would have been great if the tortillas were served on the side. I tried the soup immediately; but there was little crispiness left. Despite this, the soup base itself was good with some spice and tomato. For no reason other than to have some variety, I ordered one each of the Tacotino and Burrito. For the tacotino, I went for beef and asked for it to be spicy. For me, I didn't find it spicy. Rather, I found it tart from all the onions and peppers. I really didn't taste anything else. It was partly the same for the burrito as well. I went for chicken and depending where I bit into, the same overwhelming tartness from the onions and peppers took over. If I bit somewhere else, the burrito was actually quite good. Everything was vibrant and fresh. Next time, I think I'll just ask for less grilled onions and peppers. Overall, the food was not bad. It's just probably not my favourite type of cuisine. Thus, I would try it again if I'm in the area; but I am not necessarily rushing back.

The Good:
- Ingredients are fresh
- No absence of flavour

The Bad:
- For me, the flavours were not balanced
- A little pricey

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LotusRapper said...

I always wondered why the owners didn't choose a name like: "Mexi-GO" or something like that. "Mexico To Go" is ...... cumbersome.

J-Free said...

Chinese Skewer King is supposed to be back open this month, not sure how legit source is though

TS of eatingclub vancouver said...

Hmm, it may be JS who said that.

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