Sherman's Food Adventures: Bunk Sandwiches

Bunk Sandwiches

After driving straight down the I-5 from Bellevue to Portland, it was clear that everyone was quite hungry. We hadn't eaten since breakfast at Chace's Pancake Corral. That was over 3 hours ago! Yes, the horror. Now, we weren't really in the mood for a sit-down lunch since it was so late already. Furthermore, we wanted to go somewhere near our hotel. But of course, the place had to be interesting. Enter Bunk Sandwiches. Located just across the Morrison Street bridge from Downtown, this small little joint has made headlines including Triple D's on the Food Network. Now for some reason or another, I missed the Food Network part. Maybe I didn't watch that episode? It's possible. Too much of Triple D's can cause health problems, even if one was only watching the show! LOL...

So with that much notoriety, it is no wonder there was a lineup out the door even at 2:30pm on a weekday. Well, I patiently waited even though I really hate lineups. The sandwiches better be good! I ended up getting 4 of them, one for the kiddies, one for Viv and 2 for me! When we got back to our hotel, which only took 5 minutes, we attacked the sandwiches starting with the Meatball. One look at the thing and it is safe to assume why Bunk made Triple D's. This ain't diet food. In fact, let's just say it takes the word diet and stuffs it into the trash. The meatball was filled tightly with soft, nicely spiced meat soaked in a zesty marinara with plenty of melted mozzarella and Parm. This was ooey gooey and freakin' delicious.

But Viv and I both agreed that the Pork Belly Cubano was the best of all. With plenty of house-made pork belly that literally melted in our mouths, this was a heavy; yet satisfying sandwich. All of the elements of a Cubano were there including the cured ham, Swiss, mustard and pickles encased in a crunchy pressed bun. A nice balance of flavours from the salty ham, tart pickles and buttery pork belly. So if that was our favourite, then the Roast Beef was our least. No, it wasn't a bad sandwich per se. It probably suffered from the "too normal" phenomenon since it was merely roast beef with caramelized onions, horseradish and cheddar. Well, there were parts of the roast beef that could not be chewed due to some gristle. That turned Viv off a bit. With that being said, the good parts of the beef were very tender and meaty which went well with a natural condiment such as horseradish. For the kiddies, we got them the Grilled Tillamook Cheese. Lots of melted cheese between perfectly grilled bread. The kids liked it, end of story. Each sandwich came with a side of house-made kettle chips and those in itself were as much as a star as the sandwiches themselves. And about those sandwiches... Very good, nicely priced and generally unique. I want to eat them again.

The Good:
- Pricing is reasonable for the portion size and quality of the ingredients
- Full of flavour and full of fat = yum
- Excellent house-made chips

The Bad:
- If you hate lineups
- Small place, not a lot of seats

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