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Waffle Window

Attempting to squeeze one last meal in before we left Portland, I woke up early and headed out in search of breakfast. I didn't really tell anyone so I really hoped that Viv and kids realized what I was up to. After all, it sure looked like I ditched them. But in reality, I was just grabbing breaky. Heading just a bit East of Downtown, I ended up at The Waffle Window. Honestly, the name says it all. It's a window on the side of Bread and Ink Cafe that sells waffles. Simple concept but if you think of it, why not do one thing and do it well? Sorta like Nong's Khao Man Gai. When I first walked up to the window, they were a bit busy and it took awhile to be served. No matter really. I wasn't in any rush; however, it was really cold! The things I do for food! And to top it off, the wait was approximately 10 minutes. These waffles better be worth it...

So I ended up getting one waffle for each of us starting with the Three B's for myself. The 3 B's represent bacon, brie and basil. What? On a waffle? And that wasn't all, there was peach jam too. If you think about it, the flavours should technically work. First, the waffle itself was crisp, sweet and slightly chewy. Definitely a Li├Ęge waffle, which has chunks of sugar in the batter which gives it a nice crunch. Then add some smokiness/saltiness from the bacon combined with the creamy-umaminess of the brie and herbiness of the basil, you got a good mix. Not sure if the peach jam was all the necessary since the waffle was already sweet.

Viv ended up with the one of their specials which was the Spicy Cheddar Bacon Jalapeno Waffle. The savoury ingredients helped temper the sweetness of the waffle. It had similar elements to the Three B's except with a punch from the jalapenos. The avocado-tomatillo salsa added some cooling while the cheese brought it all together. This waffle had it all: sweet, savoury, smokiness, spicy and tart. For my daughter, I know she likes strawberries. In fact, she loves it so much, she is a big fan of Strawberry Shortcake (the doll and cartoon). So it was without any hesitation that I got the Strawberry and Whipped Cream Waffle. Honestly, they are not shy about piling on the toppings. An inordinate amount of fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream made this a filing breakfast. No, she didn't finish it. The strawberries yes; waffle no. Lastly, for my son, I know he likes Nutella, so Nutella & Fresh Bananas it was. Well, I removed the bananas though. Sorry, this one was too sweet due to the obscene amount of Nutella, whipped cream and fudge sauce. Remember, the waffle is sweet to begin with. Even he thought it was too sweet. The Nutella waffle withstanding, the rest were very good and with the first 2 being interestingly different. This is another case of something made well which has unique twists all served from a not-so-normal location.

The Good:
- Crispy, sweet, chewy liege waffles
- Creative toppings
- Reasonably-priced

The Bad:
- When the weather is not-so-nice...
- With too many sweet toppings, the whole thing might be sugar overload

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Anonymous said...

This is like a food truck.....except it's permanent. Are there any food trucks in Vancouver selling waffles, do you know?

Sherman Chan said...

That's a good point. No, no waffles yet. Sounds like an idea eh?

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