Sherman's Food Adventures: Sub Garden

Sub Garden

Sometimes, I get into these moods. You know, the type where you are indifferent as to what to eat. Believe it or not, there are times I really don't know what to eat and frankly, don't have the energy to look for something new. When that happens, I usually end up going somewhere I've been before or just grab something from Subway. However, if I was going to spend money on a sandwich, it might as well be unique. I had to use up a few brain cells; but ultimately, I found a place in the back of my mind. I remember that there is this sub place right next to Anastasia which I pass by all the time.

Walking into the place, it reminded me of the Sandwich Tree with it's homey-type decor. Hey, I don't mind ol' skool, after all, a snazzy interior doesn't necessarily translate to good food (see: Brown's Social House). I ended up going for two 6" subs. I went for the standard Pizza Sub as my first choice. There are several bread options and I decided on the herbed roll. It was pretty good with the usual pepperoni, salami, tomato sauce and cheese. I liked the bread, it was soft while able to hold up to the ingredients.

As for my second sandwich, I went for something a bit different - Jerk Chicken. A opposed to most places offering "jerk chicken", this one was quite flavourful and spicy. It probably would've benefited from being reheated since something about cold jerk chicken doesn't appeal to me. However, all-in-all, some pretty good sandwiches from a place I'd never think of even visiting. Definitely better than Subway, it's worth a try.

The Good:
- Home-made quality to it
- Some unique choices
- Reasonably-priced for the quality

The Bad:
- Not somewhere you would linger, best to get takeout

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