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Favor Eat

What's with the name of these places in the Crystal Mall food court? Want Want Hot & Spicy? Favor Eat? Or how about the Korean place that doesn't even have an English name on its storefront (oh and with some of the most expressionless service I've ever seen too). Whatever happened to typical names? Well, I'm sure most of them the English variant of an Asian name. Except for the Korean place... How can you not have an English name??? What are we supposed to do then when we refer to the place? Do we start making clicking noises like Swahili? Anyways, the place I'm blogging about is actually Favor Eat, which really doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the English language either. Whatever... For those who are unfamiliar of the place, it is a Taiwanese Beef Noodle stall.

I've actually had the Beef Noodle a few times and have finally decided to blog about it. For a food stall, the TBN was quite good. The broth was not exactly bursting with flavour, but it ain't bad though. The beef was tender while the good amount of pickled mustard greens added some acidity and crunch. Noodles held up well to the soup. For a little variety, on an another visit, I had the Noodles with Meat Sauce. A variation of Ja Jeun Mein, this was quite bland. The whole thing was dry and lifeless. At the very least the noodles were pretty good being chewy (even after sitting in the container for a bit). In the end, I think I should stick to their TBN next time. I guess this post serves to inform others to concentrate on the TBN. I really guess then that "Favor Eat" has a meaning after all... I did everyone a favor by warning them not to eat the other noodle dish I had...

The Good:
- Decent TBN for a food stall
- Prices are reasonable

The Bad:
- Other item I had was not as good

Favor Eat World - Taiwanese Specialty (Crystal Mall) on Urbanspoon


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