Sherman's Food Adventures: Big Daddy's Pizza

Big Daddy's Pizza

It's pretty obvious I try to make it Downtown as often as I can for eats.  As much as there are good things to munch on in the burbs, there is no denying there are some things that are worth traveling into town for.  Hence, I have my usual routes in and out of the land of traffic and expensive parking.  One of which is down Dundas which eventually becomes Powell.  Now, driving down that street time after time has allowed me to keep an eye on restaurants opening up.  Yes, I know it ain't the sexiest place for a place of culinary treats, but that doesn't bother me.  More often than not, I'd rather try to find a diamond in the rough rather than fight for parking.

One place that I have spied with my little eye is Big Daddy's Pizza.  Upon further inspection, they serve much more than that, and made in-house to boot. I decided to hit the place up for some eats that didn't include pizza.  No I wasn't doing my best impression of Miss Y, there were just more interesting things to try. So, when they boast things are made from scratch, they weren't kidding.  The Fried Chicken Tenders were indeed home-made, not exhibiting that classic uniform size and shape that characterizes Sysco/GFS stuff.  They were crispy and not dry in the middle.  I liked the chipotle dipping sauce as it was well-balanced with a touch of spice.  I also got a 1/2 pound of BBQ Ribs and they were "alright".  I found them to be meaty and somewhat moist.  They weren't chewy by any stretch of the imagination, but were slightly dry.  The drizzle of BBQ sauce was just enough, but I found it to be lacking in pop.  It was sweet with only the slightest of zip.  I think a bit more spice and smokiness would've been nice.  

The star of the show had to be the Pulled Pork Sandwich.  At a miniscule cost of $3.95, the darn thing was massive with lots of moist pulled pork.  There was just enough sauce to keep from being dry, yet not creating a bloody messy either.  I liked how the coleslaw had enough acidity for some zing as well as not being the mayonnaisey type.  This ensured the sammie would not be soggy.  The whole thing was encased in a wonderful soft bun that held up until the last bite.  This has to be one of the best deals in town hands down.  Interestingly, I regretted not at least getting a slice of pizza to try, but whatever, I'll go back - to get the pulled pork sandwich that is...

The Good:
- Pretty cheap eats
- Friendly folks
- Decent pulled pork sandwich

The Bad:
- Area looks a bit sketch, but it's really not that bad
- It's strictly takeout

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tony said...

I TOO, also took a chance and tried out this place. First time was the pulled pork sandwich and an order of poutine. The pulled pork by itself was huge and very good. The poutine was a small order and it was Huge. It was just ok tho. Next two visits i ordered pizzas. Very good pizza...better then i expected. 2 weeks ago i ordered a ''hot and spicy'' pizza. Way to ass was like a volcano for a few days. BUTT ( get it?) i will stay order take out pizza from BIG DADDY and will try out their ribs. My own home made ribs are fantastic, but i'm willing to try out theirs just for the heck of it.

Sherman Chan said...

@Tony Yah, the ribs are okay, but I like the ones I make at home too... LOL. Need to try the pizza though!

LotusRapper said...

Thx for this review. I've driven down Dundas enough times to have noticed BDP too, but never found the time nor opportunity to stop by for bite.

I'm a sucker for (good) pulled-pork sandwiches, esp. when they're cheap. Will try BDP one of these days :-)

Steve said...

This location is permanently closed. They are relocating to Maple Ridge in April/14.

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