Sherman's Food Adventures: NNPK (Cosmopolitan)

NNPK (Cosmopolitan)

I do believe "tapas" is another word for "you need to eat more than this".  Honestly, I haven't been to a tapas place yet that I've come out stuffed (unless you feel like spending copious amounts of money). Hence, still hungry for more food after Jaleo, Vandelay led us down an unmarked corridor to a secret pizza joint.  Sandwiched in between Jaleo and Blue Ribbon, if you didn't know, you'd think it was the way to the washrooms.  However, it is in reality, a bustling pizza slice joint.  We gave it props for the coolness factor because an ol' skool Galaga game sat for all to see.  Add in some pinball machines and we began to reminisce about yesteryear.  But really, no Pepsi commercials please.  I still have my original hair AND we were there for the pizza.  Vandelay and I decided to try their housemade Meatball & Ricotto pizza while Chill had the classic Pepperoni.
Thin-crust in a New York-style, the pizza was easily foldable and good for eats on the go.  I particularly liked the crust as it was crunchy while yielding to a toothsome chewiness.  The toppings were substantial as I got meatball and ricotta in nearly every bite.  The flavours were there, but not salty in any way.  The tomato sauce was mild and there was just enough of it.  Not the an outstanding pizza, but a good one considering everything.  Chill, as per usual, was brief in his description of his slice, but basically echoed our sentiments.  Naturally, his was a bit saltier due to the addition of pepperoni.  A day later, we actually ordered a whole pizza to share as we watched the Canucks lose in their season-opener.  Costanza wanted more pizza, so he got himself a slice of Sausage (does that sound right?).  Once again, it exhibited the same aforementioned qualities except being meaty due to the sausage (which was just plain ol' sausage).  Not much more to say, pretty much a good pizza slice which is acceptable in price considering its location.

The Good:
- Crispy and chewy thin-crust
- Relatively inexpensive considering the other alternatives ($5.50/slice)
- Open late

The Bad:
- Although decently-priced, it is still $5.50 a slice!
- Long waits if you ordered a whole pizza
- Take and go, not much seating

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