Sherman's Food Adventures: Miura Waffle Milk Bar

Miura Waffle Milk Bar

Looking for a light meal after watching Chef (great movie btw), Whipping Girl and I drove up and down Broadway to no avail.  C'mon, it couldn't be that hard to find food along one of the busiest restaurant streets in Vancouver right? Wrong.  There was indeed quantity, but the quality wasn't there as many were just not that interesting. Chalk that up to watching a movie about food...  Funny how we ended up at Miura Waffle Milk Bar, despite all the other options (including an offer from Daily Slif who was heading to Farmer's Apprentice). Oh well, waffles for dinner it was gonna be!

We shared the Kachan Karaage with  soy-ginger chicken, asian slaw & thousand island first.  I remembered this one from Tasting Plates and since this was a full-sized version, there was much more juicy chicken karaage.  It was pretty crunchy which was a nice contrast to the soft waffle.  Personally, I would've preferred it to be crispier.  The flavours were nice though with a sweet zip that lightened things up.  Next, we had the Bulgogi with beef, egg sauce, kimchi & bulgogi sauce.  This was even messier as the ingredients were more wet.  Hence, the waffle actually began to crumble as we ate it.  I did like the egg though as it added a soft fluffiness to the meat filling.  Flavours included the sweetness of the sauce and slight spice and acidity from the kimchi.

Lastly, we had the Strawberries and Cream with chocolate sauce.  This was actually not as sweet as it looked.  The custard was mild and creamy while the whipped cream was more of a filler.  There was a modest amount of chocolate to go with the ripe strawberries.  Nothing particularly amazing, but decent nonetheless.  Hence, if one goes in with reasonable expectations and ignoring the hype (it's been on Gotta Eat Here), the experience could be a decent one.  But just don't expect anything else.

The Good:
- Something interesting
- We got great service

The Bad:
- Waffles are a bit crumbly rather than fluffy
- Not particularly cheap

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