Sherman's Food Adventures: Sno-Crave Teahouse

Sno-Crave Teahouse

How hard is it to find late night desserts in the Bay Area?  Well apparently it was not as easy it is appeared when we were driving from place-to-place in search of sit down sweets.  In fact, one of the top-rated places according to Yelp! was more of a grocery store than anything else.  With 2 complaining kiddies in tow, it was probably a good idea to find a place with a table.  Hence, we drove all-the-way back to Fremont (where we were staying) and settled on Snowflake Teahouse or was it Sno-Crave?  Kinda confusing...

Since my daughter is a Macaron aficionado (at 6 years old...), we got a few.  At first glance, they looked remarkably legit despite my obvious trepidation.  Texturally, they, were crispy on the outside and a dense chewy on the inside.  I found the meringue to be too sweet while the filling compounded the problem.  This was especially true with the strawberry as it was like pure jam.  For our Dark Chocolate Shaved Ice, it reminded me of watered-down frozen chocolate milk.  Now that was not necessarily a jab.  Rather, it was actually quite smooth and almost creamy for an ice.  It was not overly sweet.  It tasted a bit like a weak Fudgsicle.

Laslty, we had the Strawberry crepe which was filled with Nutella and strawberry ice cream topped with sweetened fresh strawberries.  Naturally, this was a pretty sweet creation.  The strawberries were fresh and ripe while the crepe was thin and chewy.  As much as the individual ingredients were good, everything added up just became overly sugary.  In the end, Snowflake did the job in terms of offering up late night dessert.  Nothing amazing, but serviceable nonetheless...  

The Good:
- Okay pricing
- Okay portion size
- Open late

The Bad:
- Everything was a bit too sweet and lacking finesse

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LotusRapper said...

Now that's confusing. Your picture shows their sign as Snowflake Tea House. Urbanspoon lists them as Sno-Crave Teahouse, as does their own website.

Sherman Chan said...

@LR Believe me, I was super confused too when I tried to look them up!

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