Sherman's Food Adventures: Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (Morgan Crossing)

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (Morgan Crossing)

Awhile back, I attended the media dinner at Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria on Commercial Drive when it first opened.  Suffice to say, I came away not particularly impressed with the pizza as it was super soggy and lacking in leoparding.  To be fair, I returned on my own dime to discover that my initial thoughts were indeed true.  So when I received an invite to try out some new menu items, I was apprehensive.  However, I wanted to see if things have changed.  So Hot Mama and I trekked out to the Morgan Crossing location (to change things up a bit) to see for ourselves.

The one item that we had to try was the basic Margherita because it is the baseline of Neapolitan pizzas.  Second, I could compare it to the original one I had at the Commercial Drive location.  We were pleasantly surprised that it turned out far better than the aforementioned pizza.  This one had a crispy crust and was chewy and tender throughout.  It was not soggy, even at the centre.  As for the tomato sauce, it tasted fresh with mild notes acidity and a light sweetness.  I would've liked to see more basil and even more leoparding though.  For our next pizza, we tried their new Korean BBQ Pork consisting of slow-roasted spiced pork butt, Korean BBQ sauce, fior-di-latte, green onion, cheddar cheese and hoisin.  Okay, hoisin is not particularly Korean, but it worked in this concoction.  There was an impactful spiciness that helped temper the sweetness of the hoisin (although the pizza was still rather sweet).  The pork was moist and tender while the combination of flavours were not tame.

We also sampled their Paesano sandwich comprised of house-made pulled pork, salsa verde, provolone cheese, rosemary-lemon aioli, arugula, and roasted red peppers.  Strangely, the pulled pork ate somewhat like tuna despite tasting completely porky.  It was probably due to the abundance of salsa verde which was bright and acidic.  In combination with the rosemary-lemon aioli, there was an aromatic herbal quality to the sandwich in addition to the tartness.  On the side, there was a bowl of the Roasted Tomato Bisque which was thick, rich and creamy.  There was a subtle smokiness combined with a balanced of saltiness, sweetness and acidity. Well, we were glad we took the chance and tried the pizzas again.  Although not to be confused with the best in town, the ones we tried at the Morgan Crossing location were more than acceptable.

*All food was comped excluding gratuities*

The Good:
- Decent Neapolitan pizza (at this location at least)
- No absence of flavour in the dishes we tried
- Spacious dining space

The Bad:
- Pizza was better this time, but I would've still liked to see even more leoparding
- Can get up there in price

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