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Sushi World

A vacation at Disneyland is not really a vacation at all, at least for the parents that is.  All the walking, all the complaining, all the whining and all the crying...  There is only so much one can take...  and we're only talking about me here!  I think Viv really wonders why she married me!  Well, after another long day at "the happiest place on Earth" (happy for who?), we decided to do the "eat-at-a-restaurant-outside-our-hotel" strategy.  So right beside our other "convenience" restaurant (Curry House), we tried out Sushi World.

Starting with the Nigiri, we had 2 each of maguro, salmon, seared albacore and hamachi.  We found the sushi rice to be quite good with a balance of chewiness and moisture.  It was seasoned with sugar and rice wine vinegar (being on the sweeter side).  The fish on top had a nice sheen as well as a fresh taste.  Next up was the Beef Tataki which appeared to be sliced too thick and sinewy.  Alas, it wasn't true as the beef was really tender and nicely seared.  It was flavorful with the ponzu and rub on the outside.  However, it was a bit too peppery, which dominated the flavor profile.

For our 2 specialty rolls, we had the Black Dragon (spicy tuna with tuna, onion and pepper on the outside) and Crunchy Roll (ebi tempura, imitation crab and cucumber with tempura dust on the outside).  We liked the black dragon more as it had effective flavors, in particular, the spiciness from the hot pepper.  There was enough tuna to stand up to the heat though.  With the crunchy roll, it was crunchy more or less, but it was a glorified dynamite roll. As part of the Karaage Combo, we had an appetizer portion of Tempura as well as miso soup, salad and rice.  The tempura looked a bit dark and overly smooth in texture (in terms of the batter), yet it was ultimately crunchy.  

The Chicken Karaage was also crunchy and a bit spicy on its own even without the equally spicy dip. Although it looked dry, the meat was actually juicy and fatty inside. For the kiddies, we had to get them the obligatory Tempura Udon.  It was a little strange looking with only 2 ebi shrimp (and ultimately soggy since it was sitting in the broth).  The soup itself was quite salty with lots of shiitake mushroom flavor. Overall, we were satisfied with the food, especially from a random Japanese restaurant nearby.  I guess our expectations weren't very high due to convenience, but nothing was really amiss.  We concluded that Sushi World is in fact, decent.

The Good:
- Decent eats
- Friendly service

The Bad:
- A little pricey

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