Sherman's Food Adventures: Yu Kee

Yu Kee

Consider it a ritual or at the very least something that provides comfort after being out-of-town.  Is it sleeping in your own bed?  Nope.  Showering in your own shower? Not that either.  Sitting on your own toilet seat???  Yes, the throne...  but not that.  The most important thing and the first to occur is visiting a Chinese restaurant for some wonton noodles and congee.  So even though it was only a 2-day absence, Whipping Girl and Miss Y both agreed this had to happen.

Strangely, this is the 3rd time blogging about the place, but there is a good reason.  First time, I only got their BBQ to go and second time, we had their set meal dinner. Yet, we never tried their "casual" dishes including the Wonton Noodles and Congee.  Well, this was as good as any time to try those aforementioned dishes.  Well, it turns out that it was generally a non-event as the wontons were quite average.  They were the pork variety with the obligatory shrimp inside.  Yes, I am biased when it comes to wontons (I like the shrimp ones more), but even considering these for what they were, I wasn't overly fond of the texture as it was chewy rather being moist and bouncy.  Noodles were okay, but could've been chewier while the soup was rather bland.  I got a Salty Donut to go with my congee and it was okay.  It was crispy and fairly light.

I ended up with the classic being the Preserved Egg and Salted Pork Congee which arrived full of ingredients.  There was no shortage of egg and relatively tender slivers of salted pork.  As for the congee base itself, I found it to be sufficiently thick, yet trending towards watery.  It was seasoned enough where there was a savouriness, but not to the point where it tasted like MSG.  Miss Y decided on her comfort item being the Brisket & Tendon Noodles in Soup.  Since there was the addition of the residual braising liquid in the soup, it tasted a bit more rich.  Noodles were the same, but slightly chewier.  I found the tendons to be soft while not melting away and the brisket was quite tender and moist.  She actually wanted brisket only, but it wasn't possible as they had braised both items together.

Our last dish was the Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice.  I wasn't particularly fond of this dish as there seemed to be a disconnect with all of the ingredients.  Usually, the salted fish combined with tender pieces of chicken offers up a balance of sweet and salty, but somehow everything was separate in taste.  The rice was not dry enough either as it was too moist (lacking in wok heat too).  Overall, we were mildly okay with our meal but weren't chomping at the bit to return (for these items that is).  Whatever the case, it did hit the spot though and I guess in that sense, it served its purpose.

The Good:
- Reasonably priced
- Okay service
- Decent portions

The Bad:
- Set dinner and BBQ was good, these dishes were pretty average
- Super tight seating arrangements (same with the parking lot)

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