Sherman's Food Adventures: Basil Pasta Bar

Basil Pasta Bar

Fresh off a visit to one of the best value pasta joints in the GVRD, it was only fitting to visit the other well-known cheap pasta option.  So from Jimocoe in Coquitlam, it brought myself, Milhouse and Sweet Tooth to Basil Pasta Bar in Downtown Vancouver.  Honestly, it was more of convenience than anything since we had just finished a late hockey game (the place is open until 2:00am).  Considering the place is located in Downtown, $7.95 for a plate of pasta is very reasonable.  But what about the food quality?  Of course that is what I'm talking about next...

I decided to go for 2 pastas partly due to the price and more importantly, for more variety.  I gave the Pesto Shrimp Linguine a go first and it was pretty creamy, yet a touch watery.  The pesto wasn't particularly strong where it remained in the background.  However, the fresh basil really came through.  As for the pasta, it was past al dente where it was more tender than toothsome.  Hidden underneath all the pasta, there was a decent amount of cold-water shrimp.  For my second pasta, I tried the Carbonara which featured a good amount of peas and bacon.  I found the flavours to be quite mild, but the ample bacon helped with the salt department.  It was creamy and rich.

Milhouse also had a creamy pasta in the Smoked Salmon Fettuccine.  Much l like the other pastas, there was an ample amount of ingredients including big pieces of salmon (which were rather salty).  Again, the pasta was past al dente where it was rather slippery.  Flavourwise, it was mild and creamy, but the salty salmon ended any blandness with each bite.  Sweet Tooth had the Gnocchi Bolognese which featured store-bought potato pasta which was a touch dense.  It also had that packaged aftertaste.  As for the sauce, it had a touch of acidity while being mostly seasoned correctly.  There was lots of fresh Parm on top.  Okay, much like my last post, let me make this clear - you won't find hand-made pasta  at Basil Pasta Bar.  But what you will find is decent made-to-order eats for a low price.  That works for me and apparently a whole lot of other people too.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Decent fresh made-to-order eats
- Friendly people

The Bad:
- Pasta past al dente
- Another small place, you may not find a seat

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