Sherman's Food Adventures: Dallas Pizza & Souvlaki

Dallas Pizza & Souvlaki

There have been many a post that has started like this, "I've been meaning to try this place for along time...".  However, I think my visit to Dallas Pizza & Souvlaki has been an eternity since I knew about it.  You see, I went to high school with the owner's daughter (not sure if they are still the same owners anymore) and she was encouraging me to try the place.  Fast-forward many, many years later, Emily harassed me enough to actually visit the place for their roast lamb.  Oh fine, I guess I should go before it moves again (it moved to the complex next door due to development).

So on my way back home, I picked up a bunch of goodies including the appetizer version of the Calamari.  At first I was shocked at their prices (especially for a take out joint), but upon opening the box, it made sense as it was stuffed full.  Unfortunately, the actual product was not very good.  The squid was dry and chewy while the batter was a bit too aggressive (albeit crunchy).  I also got a medium sausage and pepperoni Pizza which was loaded with toppings.  There was so much cheese on the darn thing, the grease soaked the entire bottom of the box.  Not sure if that was appealing or not, but this was one hearty pizza (that also featured plenty of meat).  The crust was pretty basic, but it was serviceable being on the denser side.

Okay, we also had the small Chicken Souvlaki because we already had the pizza part of their restaurant name, so we had to get the other.  I'm not sure if this was actually the small as there was 2 large skewers of chicken breast meat.  It was moderately grilled where the meat was not caramelized enough while being somewhat dry.  It was seasoned nicely though.  The rice was chewy and flavourful for this dish (more wet with the next dish).  We really liked the lemon potato as it was impactful with a nice tangOnto the main event, the Roast Lamb, it was very good.  Props to Emily for the suggestion.  It was a large portion that was fatty and succulent.  It was well-seasoned with enough saltiness and garlic.  However, when they added some of the braising liquid to the rice, it not only made it soft, it was super fatty.

Our last dish was the Lasagna which sported even more cheese than the pizza.  Hence, this ate heavy with plenty of grease.  It wasn't bad though for this type of establishment as the noodles weren't overly soft while the sauce was tomatoey with an appealing tang.  Okay, I'm gonna stop talking about this or anything else Dallas has on its menu.  Why?  Because it is really all about the roast lamb.  It is probably the best in the city and well-portioned.  Sure, it's pricey, but I believe it is worth the cost.  As for the stuff, well it's average and actually a bit pricey when dealing with the regular prices.

The Good:
- Excellent roast lamb
- Huge portions

The Bad:
- Kinda pricey for takeout
- Everything else other than the lamb are average at best  


LotusRapper said...

Ya shoulda gone to Martini's ..... calamari is excellent there, and the roast lamb isn't bad either.

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