Sherman's Food Adventures: The Moose

The Moose

For myself, I try to always judge food based on many factors other than taste alone.  Sure, good food should be the premise behind eating out, but sometimes, the price point, atmosphere and service are often considerations as well.  So if something is really cheap, I can overlook some deficiencies.  Places such as The Warehouse are a perfect example where some dishes are pretty average, but for $5.00, I'm not going to put up much of a complaint.  Hence, Princess Leia and I went in with that attitude as we went for lunch at The Moose (albeit $6.00 per item here).

When the cost of food is so low, I tend to get a bit greedy.  Therefore, I went for 2 items including the Moose Burger.  Despite the price, I wasn't a huge fan of this as the meat patty was crumbly and overly soft.  The worst part was the bacon as it seemed like they merely slapped it on the flattop long enough that it was no longer raw.  If I had to compare, The Warehouse makes a better burger.  I also got the BBQ Ribs which were serviceable.  The meat was tender while retaining a rebound chewiness.  There was quite a bit of sauce slathered on after-the-fact, which meant the ribs were actually not that tasty on their ownAs for the sides, they sucked.  The mashed potatoes were mealy and tasteless while the veggies were greasy and overdone.

Leia had the Creole Chicken and it was equally disastrous.  The chicken breast was obliterated being dry and chewy.  There wasn't much inherent flavour other than a bit from the blackening spices on the outside.  She had the exact same sides and they were of course terrible. Okay, I realize the place only charges $5.95 for all food.  So my expectations should be based on my rant in the intro.  However, we really didn't enjoy eating the food, even if they had given it to us for free.  Hence, we'd rather spend more money for better eats next time.

The Good:
- Cheap
- We got decent service

The Bad:
- Food sucks as things were just not prepared properly


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