Sherman's Food Adventures: Taking a break... Sort of...

Taking a break... Sort of...

Okay, it is about time I took a break from eating.  Well, not really, but just posting every day since late 2008 (except for a 2-month period a few years back) makes one tired.  With an impending 24-day trip, I deemed it not fun to be blogging for the duration.  Hence, I will be posting every other day starting tomorrow until the end of August.  For those who are curious, I'm leaving late July for Toronto for 4 days, then NYC for 5.  We will take the train up to Boston and stay for 3 days, then boarding a cruise to the Maritimes (Bar Harbor, Halifax, Sydney, Charlottetown, Quebec City) ending in Montreal where we will stay for 4 nights.  Yes, there will be lots of eating and I will be posting on my Instagram (@shermansfoodadventures) and Twitter (@shermansfoodadv) daily.  So if you want to keep up with what I'm eating in real time, just follow those accounts.  I'm really looking forward to the trip and will be resume posting daily in September!  Cheers!


Raymond Zeng said...

Haha, Sherman, nobody can take a break from eating!

That looks like one epic trip. Hope you have lots of fun, and I look forward to reading your posts about the food on the east coast!

Jade said... are describing my dream trip.... you are going to have such an amazing time. Happy Vacation!!!

Jojamon said...

Hi Sherman! Been following your blog since I was a student in Boston for 4 years, and it made me want to come back home to Vancouver to eat some delicious food.
One place I highly recommend in Boston would be The Flatbread Company in Somerville's Davis Square. Best pizza I've ever had, and I know there's a separate location called Creekbread in Whistler, but Flatbread is better.
I'd also recommend Toro or Barcelona Wine Bar in Boston, as well as Island Creek Oyster Bar if your kids are down for it!

LotusRapper said...

"With an impending 24-day trip, I deemed it not fun to be blogging for the duration. Hence, I will be posting every other day starting tomorrow until the end of August."

Oh WOW, you *really* are scaling back, aren't ya ?!? [wink]

Hey Sherman, I get *tired* reading your daily posts, LOL .... I can't imagine you having posted pretty much every single day already for so many years and not got tired sooner (I remember that period when you promised you scale back ..... and that only lasted a little while). And while you have a local reputation for being an eating machine LOL you don't need to blog like one. Kudos for easing off on the gas pedal ..... we've seen a few good local bloggers burn out over the years, so don't become one of them. Have a great getaway with lots of amazing adventures, including eating ones. And thanks so much for responding to my impromptu "which of these restaurants you recommend ?!?" messages to which you always reply with diligence and promptness.

Hey if you get to go to Bauhaus, please do and eat up a storm and write about it when you get back (esp. if you get to chat with Eddie Huang that bad dog). And lots of good Chinese eats in Flushing, Queens as you prolly already know.

Safe and happy travels !

Jessica604 said...

Have a great vacation Sherman!

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