Sherman's Food Adventures: The Keg Yaletown (Summer Lobster Menu)

The Keg Yaletown (Summer Lobster Menu)

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio remarked,  "I'd like to take you out for a steak dinner!" in Catch Me if You Can?  Well, I was offered a steak and lobster dinner at The Keg Yaletown.  I'll get this out-of-the-way first, I personally love The Keg, so it was with no hesitation that I accepted.  The reason for this generous invite was to sample some of the items found on their Summer Lobster Menu.  We were seated at the rooftop patio and not only is it a great space to hang out, the natural light made for great pictures!

We were started off with an order each of the Crispy Lobster Tacos tossed in crispy rice and served with cabbage slaw and cilantro.  Despite the crunchy exterior coating, the nuggets of lobster remained moist with a buttery rebound texture.  It was served atop a soft and warm tortilla accented by a crunchy slaw consisting of cabbage, green onion, cilantro and red onion.  Completing the concoction was a jalapeno maple aioli that was creamy, sweet and spicy.  Oh and the lemon wedge was not merely a garnish as it added the necessary acidity to brighten up the flavours.

Onto the main even, we had the 6 oz Sirloin Steak and 1/2 Atlantic Lobster with baked potato (with butter, sour cream, bacon and chives), veggies, lemon and hot butter.  Once again, the lobster was prepared nicely as the meat was buttery with the classic lobster meatiness.  It was naturally sweet, but I still used the accompanying butter and lemon.  Well-charred and done medium-rare, my steak was prepared properly.  However, there was a ribbon of sinew that made it a bit chewy.  As for the baked potato, it was a really good baked potato.  Soft, hot and pillowy soft inside, it was subjected to a good amount of butter and sour cream (and bacon of course).  Even though I was full, I finished it.

While we were dining on the steak and lobster, something occurred to us - we were missing a major component of The Keg dining experience...  Yes, we never got any Sourdough Bread!  I'm sure they didn't want to fill us up with unnecessary carbs, but c'mon, that soft and chewy fresh-baked loaf is a must!  After that, we still had to tackle the Billy Miner Pie.  For those unfamiliar, it is The Keg's signature dessert consisting of mocha ice cream on a chocolate crust with hot fudge, caramel and almonds.  Despite looking rather large, the cake ate very light and almost airy.  It was definitely sweet, but not terribly so.  I especially loved the cookie crust as it was crunchy while not heavy.  Once again, another solid meal at The Keg and yes, a real treat due to the lobster.

*All food, beverages and gratuities were complimentary*

The Good:
- Yes, it isn't cheap per se, but still good value for what you are getting 
- Love that sourdough bread
- Wonderful rooftop patio at the Yaletown location

The Bad:
- My steak was a bit tough due to the sinew 


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