Sherman's Food Adventures: Muru Crêpe

Muru Crêpe

After our lunch at Olive + Gourmando, we proceeded to walk east towards the heart of Old Montreal (or the most touristy part that is).  Costanza spotted Crêperie Chez Suzette at the mouth of Rue Saint Paul E.  There and then he wanted crepes, it didn't matter if he was hungry or not and if the place was any good either.  Well, after a quick internet search, it was determined that we would walk further East and try a generally higher-rated spot in Muru Crêpe.

We were able to catch them before they closed and got a few to share.  My son only had the J'Adore featuring Nutella, chocolate syrup and whipped cream on his radar.  He absolutely didn't want to share (which he really didn't either).   The part I was able to wrestle from him was really good.  The crepe was thin, pillowy soft while still showing some chewiness and elasticity.  It was mildly sweet by itself and a whole lot sweeter with the Nutella and chocolate.  Costanza's older son went for the Merci Beaucoup which was a simple crepe topped with butter, sugar, maple syrup and whipped cream.  However, simple sometimes means better and this was no exception.  Hence, the light aforementioned texture of the crepe was highlighted.  The flavours were aromatic due to the butter and maple syrup and surprisingly not overly sweet.

For my daughter, she did a 180 from her usual choice of sweet things and went for a savoury crepe being the Savoyarde with mozzarella cheese, bacon, potato and creme fraiche.  This was a bit more substantial (as well as the price) with plenty of filling that was ooey gooey with cheese and the saltiness of bacon.  As much as this was enjoyable and good, I found the sweet crepe not the best match for the savoury ingredients.  The side of fries were fantastic though being super crispy.  Lastly, Costanza had the prettiest plate with the Coup de Foudre sporting a bevy of fresh strawberries, sugar, strawberry syrup and whipped cream.  This was light and also not overly sweet.  However, the crepe in this one was a bit chewier, possibly due to less liquid ingredients.  Ultimately, we were satisfied and thought the extra walking was worth it.  So much so, Costanza returned a few days after!

The Good:
- Thin crepes that were texturally on-point
- Decent service
- Flavours were appealing

The Bad:
- Sweet crepe didn't really go with the savoury ingredients


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