Sherman's Food Adventures: Mosquito


After sampling 5 soups and chowders at Crab Park Chowdery, Emily and I were looking for something sweet.  This was due-in-part to the pointed savouriness (bordering on salty) of the chowders.  Well, we didn't have to look very far as we walked only a block to Mosquito.  The name doesn't really describe the place, but it is a higher-end lounge-type establishment that serves up creative cocktails and equally interesting desserts.

We were seated at the bar which was a great place to watch the mixologist craft some cocktails.  Of course, we ended up with 2 including the Blossom and Love Pimento.  With vanilla chili-infused tequila, passionfruit puree and lime, the love pimento was light, floral and fruity.  The tequila was smooth and not too strong while the drink was on the sweeter side.  Made with lillet, peach schnapps, plum bitters, violet syrup and sparkling wine, the Blossom was also light and floral.  There was an alcohol aftertaste as well as some medicinal qualities.

For our desserts, we tried the Apple & Hazelnut first.  It consisted of apple citrus cremeux, hazelnut praline Chantilly, apple cider reduction, caramel and goat cheese ice cream.  We found this concoction light and subtle with pointed hits of apple being sweet and tart.  The hazelnut was mild, but the sauce helped bring out the aroma.  Loved the crunch of the nuts as they were impactful and needed.  Finally, the ice cream was creamy and smooth while being not overly sweet.

Next, we had the Bergamot Exotic Baba soaked in Diplomatico rum, coconut chantilly, passion fruit caviar, mango sorbet and lemon balm.  This was a pretty dish featuring aromatic and crunchy coconut.  The mango sorbet was sweet and intense with natural flavours.  We thought the sponge cake was too dry though even with the rum.  It was not too strong though.  The bits of passionfruit were ripe being really sweet and delicious.

Our last dessert was called A Little Bitter with sour cherry compote, lemon sorbet, old fashion aromatic bitters jelly and amaretto foam.  This lived up to its namesake with bitter jelly.  However, the sour cherries were intensely sweet and not really all that tart. There were some floral qualities to the dessert as well as an Asian-taste to it.  Overall, we thought Mosquito was a cool place to hang out and grab a drink while being treated to creative desserts.  However, the pricing is on the higher end.

The Good:
- Creative desserts
- Creative cocktails
- Nice vibe

The Bad:
- A bit too dark in there even for lounge
- Expensive   


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