Sherman's Food Adventures: ClickDishes


Recently, I was invited to test out ClickDishes which is a new app that allows users to browse through a selection of restaurants, choose items from their menu, pay and subsequently pickup from the restaurant without waiting.  In fact, one can merely skip the lineup (especially long ones during the lunch rush), grab their order and go.  This time-saving service is especially convenient for those with short lunch hours or those who just hate lining up.  They launched their app at Harbour Centre in Downtown Vancouver where I decided to try their service out at 2 vendors.

The first was at a spot that I've visited before in Teppan Kitchen.  When they opened at 11:00am, I was able to select them on the app.  After looking over the menu, I selected my dishes and was given the option to customize (as in omitting the green onions).  I ended up adding a drink to each dish (as a combo deal) as well.  Once complete, I submitted my order and one can pay with any credit card linked to their ClickDishes account.  I was given an estimate when my order would be ready.  I strolled on over when prompted and everything was already bagged up and read to go with utensils, straws and napkins.  This was extremely convenient and easy to use.  Personally, I would prefer to eat Teppan Kitchen at the food court rather than using take-out (defeats the purpose of a teppan).  Not to worry though as the eat-in option of ordering will be available soon where it will simplify the trouble of splitting a bill.

Since I was there already, I tried out Hiro Japanese as well.  I followed the same procedure in ordering and since this was my first time trying it out, I will give some of my thoughts about it.  As you can see in the picture, the food wasn't fancy and really, it is a food court after all.  Sashimi was cut a bit odd and the nigiri was a bit messy.  However, it was definitely serviceable and there wasn't anything particularly amiss.  Fish was fine and the rice was decent with all things considered.  It wasn't expensive and since it was part of the ClickDishes service, it was quick and easy to pick up my eats. They are in the process of adding more vendors around the city and in fact, there are some that I really want to try out in the Metropolis food court.  They will be live starting in July and you will see me clicking dishes once again!

*All food and beverages were complimentary*


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