Sherman's Food Adventures: Puesto Mexican Street Food & Bar

Puesto Mexican Street Food & Bar

Strangely, but not without reason, I only had one experience with street tacos while in Mexico.  However, as mentioned before, it wasn’t completely unintentional. You see, the ports that we were visiting were along the Pacific Coast and their specialties are related to seafood. Hence, the ceviches and plenty of other seafood were what we wanted to eat rather than just land-based meat tacos. With that in mind, we did hit up Puesto for some lunch after we got off the MS Westerdam (and yes, for some tacos).

But before that, we were served up some customary freshly fried Tortilla Chips with a smoky and slightly spicy chipotle dip. The chips were completely fine as they were but we couldn’t resist (more like I couldn’t resist) adding a side of Crab Guacamole. It was a good idea though since it was made with fresh creamy avocados where there were still little chunks present. It was well-seasoned and the hint of cilantro was not overpowering. Yet, it was the sweet and briny fluffy crab that put it over the top. The flavors were complimentary, much like how avocado and crab go together in a California Roll.

Next up, we got the White Bean Sopa that was thick and rich. It was blended fairly smooth with the silkiness of white bean, but I found it a tad too pasty. It was well-seasoned though and the drizzle of jalapeno oil made things bright and spicy. The best item we had all meal was the Charred Corn with butter, cheese, chilis and crema. These were smoky and intensely sweet from the caramelization. There was a wealth of flavours from the salty cheese and spices as well as the smooth cooling of the cream.

Of course I ordered some Tacos and they consisted of Al Pastor, Chicken Verde, Carnitas and Filet Mignon Asada. These were completely overstuffed with ingredients and well-worth the price of 3 for $15.00. My favourite was the beef as it was tender and well-spiced. The al pastor was tender and had the classic sweetness of pineapple. I also enjoyed the moist chicken in the verde where it was lightly spicy. On the other hand, the pork in the carnitas was fairly dry and mild-tasting. This could’ve used some hot sauce.  Despite this, all of the other dishes were quite good and flavourful.  This was a good first meal right off the cruise ship.

The Good:
- Loved the atmosphere
- Casual, yet attentive service
- Good eats

The Bad:
- Some items were on the pricier side


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